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    I would love to use Enpass for my everyday life and at work to share passwords with my teammates securely. But I don't want them to see my personal passwords obviously, so we need to create a second vault. Problem is that there is no way to open multiple vaults at a time.
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    There are any plans for keyfile support? Just like KeePass does a file and a master password for access to the database. In my opinion is better for sync to the "cloud", a database out there and my keyfile always in local.
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    please would like to implement a key or file for authentication beyond just the password ? and can also add 2 -factor authentication to open the keychain sorry bad english
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    Sorry, I apologise for not seeing your answer :-( Now I've just updated to version 5.0.6 and seems that this problem was solved.
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    I was doing random work when my clipboard kept getting cleared even without using Enpass. After going to the Enpass settings and disabling this feature my clipboard stopped clearing itself. Not sure if it matters but Enpass was unlocked during this time. Shouldn't the clipboard clearing feature only fire when a password has been copied?
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    Lack of multiple vaults support would be the one thing to hold me back from adopting enpass. I have used eWallet for 10+ years and am considering enpass primarily because of Linux support and because eW doesn't seem to see much innovation in recent years (eg: their iOS integration is still subpar). I tried 1password but it failed at Linux support and also proper multi-vault support. I'd suggest keeping it simple; separate vaults which can (easily - 1-click) be selected at startup, stored in separate files/databases. For users who don't care about multiple vaults, this shouldn't intrude their workflow. I think eWallet's implementation of that feature is "just right"...
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    I think there is an easier way to implement it and cover a wide variety of needs. And I myself would love it! Let us assume everyone has his own master vault (i.e. the one you are using just right now). Imagine you just add a new type of password entry ("enpass-vault") where you define: the name of the embedded vault the file_name of the vault file the master password for this embedded vault define read-only or read-write behavior setup synchronization for (i.e. different dropbox account) Now the enpass app will at its start scan the main vault for these "enpass-vault" entries for available embedded vaults and will make them available/searchable for the user. When the user wants to store a new password, it will be stored into the main vault by default unless the user specifies any of the embedded read-write vaults to store it in. In this way, it is solely on the user's decision what kind of embedded vault he/she wants to have (team vault, external company vault, wife's vault, family vault etc.)...
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    Hey guys! First of all, I would like to express my feelings of extreme happiness on seeing the first two posts of feature request on our Forum. Thanks a lot on behalf of whole Enpass team. The portable version is almost done and very soon we will release the Beta version of that. And you would be happy to know that along with being portable it will be cross-platform at the same time. Also we will add Forum for posting topics related to Beta version and hopefully it will help us alot in ameliorating the quality of final product. Once again, thanks alot for your efforts guys and keep posting!!
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