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    Thanks for your suggestion @JT! I agree it would be nice. I have noted down your suggestion and added to our roadmap. Cheers!
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    Thanks a lot! These fixes took care of the problem. I appreciate your help.
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    Hi everyone, This topic (missing key file) actually lead me to this forum. This one is my biggest concern about using Enpass as well and it keeps my colleagues and even my family from using Enpass. Could you please prioritize this feature request higher? I'm actually planning to convince my hole family to use Enpass instead of Keypass. However while my whole family is very security-focused (thank god) they won't switch to Enpass without the support of key files. Even though Enpass has so many advantages in regards to usability and comfort, which is actually perfect for my mother (who always struggles with technology). Really a lot more people would switch to Enpass if it supports key files in addition to the master password to access the main vault. Please, please, let it come very soon!
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    Hi everyone, I am using Enpass for about 4 Month now (coming from Keepass) and mostly I am very happy with it, because I can run Enpass nativ on all my major operating systems (OS X, iOS and Windows). But the big negative thing for me is, that there is no keyfile support. I synchronize my database with an ownCloud system, running on a public server using WebDAV. I have SSL and server-side encryption running, but still I'm not feeling to well about it, since my Enpass database has not just my whole logins stored, but the ones of my wife and my son as well. I would feel a whole lot better if an additional keyfile could be added. Keepass (MiniKeepass) does that pretty well, even on iOS devices. So I would highly recommend the keyfile integration, this would make cloud syncing much more safer ans surely a lot of people much more comfortable. Kind regards Thomas
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