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    Indeed, a relative path to the wallet file is a must. Otherwise you need to setup the settings for each pc each time. I think it is better to have a portable installation, with one wallet file, that resides relatively to the exe directory that you can open the same configuration on each computer instead of needing to setup the configuration for each station.
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    Hey guys, A good news for all Chromebook+Enpass lovers. We have just released Enpass Beta v5.4.4 for Android (supporting Chromebook ) and If you are a beta tester for Android, you can get it right now from Google Play Store. Have fun!
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    Thank you guys for the portable version, great work! Im actually thinking about dropping the desktop-version on my two Win PC's for this one, in additiona to the phone app. Here's my wishlist: 1. In enpass.conf, my webdav url is in cleartext, since I host it at home, id like the url to be encoded if the USB-drive is lost. is that possible? (for now, I enabled bitlocker on the drive to hide such metainfo).. 2. I'd like a fast option to launch enpassportable with my wallet. In most cases, the wallet will reside next to executable on the USB-stick so I'd want to be able to hardcode a path like " .\ " (working directory or execution path). Obviously tried it but there seemed to be a bug: "ChangedLocationPath=".SubtitleVisible=true"" appeard instead :-) edit: That is, id like the working directory to be pre-selected, skipping the "browse" nad "recent"-dialog. thank! edit 2: In addition, the Recent-dialogue won't allow me to use TabStop and select the stored path of the wallet-file, I have to use the mouse to point'n click. I navigate between apps mostly with keyboard and shortcuts and being forced to use the mouse is an exta moment in launching the app :-)
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