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  1. That may well be. But voluntarily submitting yourself to the laws of a country that has not hesitated to spy on the leaders of govenments which were supposed to be friends, a country were people can be obliged not to talk about what three lettered agencies demand, a country that does not hesitate to even try to undermine end to end encryption as for example curently with the Earn it Act (though another field, yet an example of the radicality of intention to underimien privacy severely), how can you honestly say that as a US company you would not face the danger of being forced to include back doors one day or undermining security in another way (and be silent about it)? One also wonders why a company that deals in privacy chooses, out of all possible countries, the U. S. There is Iceland, there are various EU countries with comparatively strong privacy laws and ethics. There is even Switzerland. A company that is about privacy and takes that seriously should let this reflect in all their actions. Why such a company would even consider moving to the U.S. in their current state is simply beyond me.
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