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    Hi team, I recently got one of the new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi models and found it to be a quite nice minimal desktop experience. Unfortunately, I couldn't get very far with the tasks I was hoping to, as Enpass doesn't seem to support ARM on Linux yet. I'd love to see an ARM build published in the APT/YUM repos - unless I'm thoroughly mistaken about your codebase, it may be a just as simple as recompiling your current Linux build for ARM. I think over the next few years as we start to see more ARM machines come onto market you'll find more and more developer customers requesting this feature. Some operational suggestions for a smooth QuickStart: AWS offers ARM64 instances you can use for CI/CD. The new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi is now available for less than $100. They are suitable for "real work" if you prefer to do your dev work locally - I'm even building a Kubernetes cluster of them. All the best, Noah
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    Resolving duplicates would be a great feature. +1
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    Hi @Enpass_account Well while it is not good news it at least rules something out. Maybe the Enpass team can figure it out, let them know the model of the phone in addition to the details you have already listed.
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    Please close this post. I resolved the problem. I was, of course, using the wrong master password
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    Hi @Enpass_account I am going to assume that your phone has been rooted to allow you to install LineageOS, then I am going to guess that Enpass looks at the Firmware/OS after a reboot sees that it is rooted and for safety disables fingerprint biometrics. Can you de-root the phone and then see what happens?
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    I fixed this by turning of sync on all devices, removed the faulty sync_default.walletx. Turn on sync again. Locks like all changes I did on the devices where synced correct! The error disappears.
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    Thank you for this solution. I confirm its works on Popos 20.04, the vault its restored ok. I've yet to check if the vaults sync well with the other installations of enpass. UPDATE: The sync works ok with the others OS. Thank you!!
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    I am waiting for this feature too. My master-password is quite long and I don't want to retype it every day... Plase keep us updated about this new feature. Thank you very much.
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    Hey Guys, Thanks for letting us know that you would like to see support for the same. Significant user demand is a big factor that determines our priorities. We really appreciate you for exploring the app and giving time in finding this valuable suggestion. The suggestion has been noted and forwarded to the concerned team. Thanks.
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