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  1. Thanks, so the only way out is to wait for MS to allow integration between extensions and the UWP app? Do we know whether MS has this planned and is in their pipeline?
  2. I understand that the Enpass extension cannot communicate with the Enpass UWP due to Windows API restrictions. Is there a way for the Enpass extension to connect and sync to Onedrive directly without the reliance on an external app (Just like the Lastpass extension connects and syncs to its own servers)?
  3. Ah! Good job. Hope this is the same update which just hit my phone. Will go home and update the app on the Surface. Goodie Goodie!
  4. Thanks for the detailed technical explanation, good to know this is being worked upon. Unfortunately, in this case it is more of a security issue not implementing this because I have chosen to use a short master password, since it is a huge pain typing in the full password every time. I am sure many others have done this, too. Looking forward to full Windows Hello support, soon.
  5. Guys, really, nothing? 2 people with 950XL and 1520 have sent you screenshots, would be good to at least have an acknowledgement that you are aware of and are working on the problem.
  6. This has nothing to do with data, but with display scaling. Go to settings->display and move the scaling slider to the leftmost setting, to reproduce the problem.
  7. I thought so too, but Password10 works flawlessly in this regard. The master password is triggered when the app starts from scratch, which is when the phone restarts, or the app is purged from memory.
  8. I have a Lumia 950XL set to the lowest scaling in Windows 10 (250%) and Enpass doesn't scale very well. See attached screenshots.
  9. Hi Team, I switched from Lastpass to Enpass because Enpass is the only app which supports Windows Hello authentication, however, there's a bug. Each time the app is started, it asks for the Master Password even though I have enabled Windows Hello. If the authentication times out or if I minimise the app and go back to it, it asks for Hello credentials, but if the app is closed and opened again, it asks for the master password. This is not optimal, as my master password is quite long and Windows Hello was the only reason I switched to Enpass.
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