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  1. I know, I'm already aware of this feature and use it regularly. What I'm asking for is an option not unlike "Copy Password" and "Copy OTP" that lets me concatenate both the password and OTP into a "Copy Password+OTP" option. Let me be perfectly clear I'm not asking for support, I'm making a feature request, the OTP functionality of Enpass was half the reason I switched.
  2. It's not so much a problem as it is an inconvenience, but sure! Pretty much any client is affected. I'm using the latest version for Windows, Android, and Linux. The site it's an issue on is my OPNsense login page, to name one. On that page, autocomplete tries to fill in the password, which invariably fails because the password prompt is expecting password+otp. It's kind of a really isolated issue, but I figured a feature request for something like this would be nice as a lot of security appliances that bolt-on OTP do it like this. Thanks!
  3. Username and password autofill is great, but it breaks on sites (such as for certain security appliances) where the password and OTP have to be entered into the same field. Obviously the work around for this is to not use autofill, but it's only an issue in this particular case. Some options for an improvement might be: A per-entry whitelist that works like a boolean of "copy both password and otp for this site" consisting of the password and otp concatenated together in the clipboard, with option of Password+OTP or OTP+Password, for some schemes where the OTP is required before or after the password proper, A right-click option under "Copy OTP" that allows for "Copy Password+OTP" and/or "Copy OTP+Password", for some schemes where the OTP is required before or after the password proper, or Both of these. I hadn't seen such an option in the desktop client for this, so either I missed it, or it's not there. Either way, great application!
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