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  1. Hi I'm not able to autofill on Is it an error on my side, or could you help with fixing it? Best,
  2. I know that on Google you can create app passwords, for services that do not support 2FA.
  3. +1
  4. excellent!
  5. I would suggest that you can use your own wordlist. As a danish native speaker it is much easier for me to remember and type danish words, than english.
  6. +1
  7. @Niko_K Sorry for the late reply, but there seem to be some possibilities, but it doesn't seem that elegant:
  8. You (Enpass) don't really need to do anything on the desktop side, since it should be pretty easy for a user to config this himself. Also without me being able to test this, there might also be a way to make this work on mobile platforms with the current version of Enpass, as long as you have a NFC enabled Yubikey (The case linked to is with LastPass but you might be able to copy it?). See here: and here: Just found this app also:
  9. If you have a yubikey you can programme it to write a static password. I would combine it with short password so that you would enter something yourself and then let the yubikey write the rest.
  10. Nice opportunity you offer! I have signed up for the Beta programme but I'm wondering about one thing: Should I worry about corruption of my database or only less critical issues? Thanks for a great programme and a very responsive support forum.
  11. For some reason the middle option "Log ind med pinkode" (login with pin), doesn't work. I have tried to let the chrome extension of Enpass record the user and password info, but still it only fills in the field "CPR-nummer" but not the "Pinkode".
  12. Nice! How should the date be formatted when entering into the date field in Enpass?
  13. When filling in the the credit card information on Facebook it only fill in the expire month field but not the year. Can this be fixed somehow?
  14. When opening the enpass ios app, after having closed it with the app switcher it ask for the master password instead of asking for TouchID. Can this be changed?