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  1. Hi @Vinod Kumar, thank you for the whitepaper & the explanation. To me, the algorithm still seems to be a little weird, but I'm not an cryptography expert Do you think there is a chance for a feature that enpass only offers the best level of password based on the settings given? Because as a user you end up quite often banging that generate button until you get the best result.
  2. Hey there, as written in this post, I had some bugs where enpass showed me weak or identical passwords probably based on obsolete database entries (I initially imported a csv from my previous password-safe-solution). So today I ended up rebuilding my vault from the ground up with the exact same entries as before. That was a 1,5 hour job of copy / paste. As a result, I'm not only solving the bugs but also ended up with a over 80% drecreased database size . So I was wondering: Is there any (planned) feature to delete obsolete database entries or to "sanitize" the database? While building u
  3. Hey there, I'm still testing enpass after my purchase and found another strange behaviour. For me, the evaluation of the passwords generated by enpass makes absolutely no sense. When you look at the screenshot attached, you see 3 generated passwords, all generated with the exact same settings. One is considered beeing average, one is good and one is perfect. To my eyes, they all have the same complexity. So how can the evaluation be so different? Even if the evaluation would make any sense, why would you even offer me weaker passwords based on the given settings? Another example
  4. I figured out that this has to be a problem with the history feature. Enpass seems to look up old history entries and not the current fields to tell me it's a weak or identical password. Is there a way to clear the history of all obsolete vault entries?
  5. Hi @Pratyush Sharma I am using enpass 6.5.2 (724) (microsoft store version) on a windows PC. Also I am using a iPhone SE 1st gen, a iPhone 12 Pro and a iPad 10.5 Pro, all running on iOS 14.2.1 and enpass 6.5.3.
  6. Hello, I recently purchased enpass. Since then, I changed a lot of weak passwords. Problem is, a lot of them still show up under the "weak passwords" section. This occurs on my desktop app and iOS app as well. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong here? Same problem under "identical passwords": Passwords show up as identical, even when I changed them a long time ago and they are unique now. Screenshot Thank you!
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