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  1. After an update of the ios app, I noticed that "PRO All Access" changed to "PRO Pro Features" I need a subscription and at a similar price, I don't think Enpass has any more strength than 1password. However, I do not know what will happen to users who are currently registered as premium users, but I still think they have strengths. Pro users could use it except for this feature, but after seeing the response from the Enpass team, we decided to leave. I hope your company goes well in the future. Bye~
  2. In the Korean version, it is marked as "All Access (Lifetime)". !!! IOS version and latest version. I also don't understand that I have to proceed with the subscription. Nevertheless, no matter how well I try to understand it, I can't understand the difference between an upgrade to 12,000 won per year and a regular subscription at 14,616 won per year.
  3. The reason I think it's ridiculous about this subscription amount is that the annual subscription amount is 29,233 KRW in Korean. However, the upgrade subscription amount for pro users is 12,000 KRW for the first year alone / 32,000 KRW after that. This is more expensive than annual subscription users, and pro users pay more. Do you think pro users would agree that this is a reasonable decision? Am I misunderstanding? Or are these prices only in Korea? I would like to hear the answer to this.
  4. I would have understood if this could be used for a lifetime with one additional purchase. Or, even if all users need to subscribe additionally, they will understand. However, only pro users need to subscribe, and we are surprised and disappointed that the discount price is half of the regular subscription fee. In fact, does this mean that if a pro user wants this function, he should subscribe to it in the same way as a user who uses a general subscription service? I am not good at English, so I communicate my thoughts through Google Translator. I hope my thoughts have been well communicated.
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