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  1. @PepeCZ as I said in my previous comment, I believe that would not be possible to achieve. You see, TOTPs (the numeric codes) follow a standard that allows a 6-digit or 8-digit number to be generated. When you go to Microsoft's website and set up your 2FA, they give you 2 ways to do so: Use the MS Authenticator app and its proprietary format, generating 8-digit TOTPs Use a generic authenticator app, such as Google's, Enpass' and so on, generating 6-digit TOTPs Going from 6-digit to 8-digit is fairly simple: you would just generate a URI (or QR Code for it) containing digits=8 as a parameter. So Google Authenticator, Enpass, and all of those aforementioned generic apps would give you 8 digits. But Microsoft doesn't do that. I have just edited my MS account on Enpass and confirmed Enpass does support 8-digit TOTPs. But if you compare the 8-digit ones that Microsoft uses with third-party apps to the ones generated in their proprietary app, you will see that they don't match up. Microsoft uses a different algorithm for their proprietary app, and when you log in and give you the TOTP, they will only accept: 6-digit from generic apps (using the standard algorithm) 8-digit from their proprietary app (using their own unique algorithm) If Microsoft gives you a QR for 6-digit on any app that's not their own, you can't use 8-digit.
  2. @Garima Singh an option to do this sync automatically would be welcome as well, since on the web browser I'm already using a shortcut to launch the assistant, it would be awesome if the sync happened as soon as the assistant is opened. On mobile, I guess having a button is ok, but auto sync is always better Thanks!
  3. @Garima Singh I guess you didn't understand the request. The problem is described in the following scenario: Unlock Enpass on a computer (PC, Mac, Linux) Edit an item or add a new one Save the item Pick up a smartphone (Android, iOS) Open an app and select "Login with Enpass" option Here, if the item was edited in step 2, it will be outdated. If the item was created in step 2, it will not show up on Enpass pop-up. That happens because the Enpass app on iOS and Android only syncs up when the main app is opened, not when its assistant is. I guess the same would happen if Enpass Assistant on a browser was used on a computer, without opening the main app window. What is being asked here is for the Enpass Assistant (on a browser as well as on mobile phone app) to trigger an auto-sync when opened.
  4. I don't understand this feature request. Microsoft accounts are compatible with 6-digit TOTPs that Enpass generates. I use it for all my Microsoft accounts (personal, work, school). If Microsoft Authenticator generates another pattern for TOTPs (such as aforementioned 8-digit), that's a completely different question: it's a Microsoft app that uses a specific standard. I suggest @PepeCZ to simply disable 2FA on the MS Account and set it up using the option for a generic app (typically they relate this to a Google Authenticator icon), it's all compatible.
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