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  1. Hey Garima ! glad to hear that the bugs have been fixed. I am not unfortunately registered for the Beta program, I will wait for the final version. Thanks !
  2. Hi Garima ! 1. Here is the link to the Banking Mobile app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.banqueatlantique.mbanking 2. My android is version 10 3. I noticed this morning that the Android auto-fill was enabled after the software update, so i disabled it and let auto-fill accessibility only enabled then try the Bank application and it works fine like before. So i suppose that the issue is with the Android auto-fill. Thanks,
  3. Hello Enpass team, since the last Android update ( I lost the autofill on my banking application, in general the pop-up button appeared and I selected the account but now I don't I no longer have this possibility although it works well with other applications
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