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  1. Hi @Miraculix

    Please disconnect the Wifi-Sync and follow the steps in the link to set up Wifi-Sync manually. You can also refer to this link for troubleshooting steps. If the issue persists, request you to please elaborate on your concern and share the below details with me, so I'll be able to get this checked for you - 

    1. Version of the Enpass app and OS you are using.
    2. Screenshot of any error which may be occurring.
  2. Hi @BleenPaper

    Welcome to the Enpass Forums, and thank you for the suggestion.

    You will be pleased to know that our development team is aware of this feature request and is looking into its feasibility so it may be implemented in the Enpass future versions. I have also duly noted your comment and shared it with the team as feedback. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!


  3. Hi @pj2ok

    Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

    The option to change database location is only available for app downloaded from Enpass website. If you have downloaded Enpass from app store, it won’t be possible to change the database location. To change the database location in website version, please follow these steps:

    • Open Enpass → Under Settings, go to Advanced → Click on Change Location to change the data location.
  4. Hi @False

    Thank you for the suggestions, and we are happy to hear that you like our new Inline pop-up menu!

    The features you have requested (Displaying the name of the vault and disabling auto pop-up when a site loads) are definitely something that will be nice to have. I have noted these suggestions and shared them as feedback with our tech team so they may look into their feasibility and implement them in the future Enpass versions. Appreciate your patience in the meantime!


  5. Hi @jaydee73

    We are working on the issue reported by you for Autofill with Synology DSM7 not working, but we need some additional information. Could you please share the URL for DSM if possible? That will immensely help us in analyzing this issue further. Moreover, please verify the below-mentioned two settings, if they are enabled or not -

    1. In Enpass App Go to Settings → Browser → Check below setting

    2. In item for Synology go to item details → Check below setting:

  6. Hi @kadomix

    I will gladly help you with your query. Please share the below details with me once, and I'll get this checked for you - 

    1. Version of the Enpass app and OS you are using.
    2. When you right-click on such an entry, do you see the options greyed out or does nothing happen? A screenshot of it would be helpful.
  7. Hi @justaguy

    14 hours ago, justaguy said:

    Instead of a huge bright banner, maybe it could just be a small icon somewhere in the entry? When the user hovers their mouse over the icon, it shows shows a tooltip that this password isn't strong.

    Thank you for this suggestion, and it is definitely something that I will take it forward to our development team. We strive to make Enpass easily accessible for all, and our goal is to keep bringing improvements to enrich the overall user experience. Taking away our users control over the app is never our intention, Enpass wouldn't be here without the support of its amazing customers. Taking this as a feedback, your suggestion has been forwarded to check its feasibility in the future Enpass versions.

    Enpass really appreciates your support and patience in the meantime!


  8. Hi @justaguy

    The password Audit feature actually plays a major role in keeping you on top of security, and informing you about any weak, compromised, or breached passwords by segregating them in different sections. That is the reason an option to completely disable this feature is not present in the application. However, I understand where you are coming from, and as you have multiple passwords for which you wish to disable this feature, I'll gladly help you with it.


    On your Enpass application, go to "WEAK" section under the Audit tab on the left pane. Here you can multi-select the items (Select the first item, hold shift and then select the last item). Then right-click and choose "Exclude from Password Audit".


  9. Hi @Mahmoud Abolfadl

    Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention. Our concerned team has successfully reproduced the bug on their end for the auto-filling issue you are facing, and a fix will be implemented in future versions of Enpass. Appreciate your patience and support in the meantime!

  10. Hi @ewryghdbf

    For security reasons, Enpass only works with properly code-signed browsers. Please install a code signed version of this browser from the official source if available. Also, please refer to this FAQ for more information. You can also try unticking the "Authorize Browsers With Verified Code Signatures Only" option under Settings -> Browse.



  11. Hi @pmcruiser

    Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

    Apologies for the inconvenience in this case. For quick troubleshooting,  please create a manual backup first, then remove the synchronization from all the connected devices and resync them again. If the issue persists, please share the below information with me, and I'll be happy to get this checked for you -

    1. Version of the Enpass app on your M1 Mac Book air
    2. Are you facing a similar issue on your iPhone and Mac mini as well?


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