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  1. Hi @aco, Thanks for taking the time to let us know. We have already fixed this issue and it will be available to you in the next update. Till then please bear with us. Cheers!
  2. Hey @edgardcastro, Thanks for reporting the issue. It will be resolved in the next version.
  3. This issue has been fixed now and will be available in the next beta for desktops. You can subscribe to get the beta updates from advanced settings of Enpass for Windows PC. Also, the news for same will be posted here in forums.
  4. Hello @Mark, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed this issue and an update will be rolled out soon. Cheers!
  5. @Alex Gurenko Thanks for reporting. Fixed and will be available in next update.
  6. Hello @Alex Gurenko, Its weird, The latest Enpass Beta version calls xdg-open to launch Google Drive login page in default browser. It seems xdg-open is not configured properly on your system and is not able to detect the default browser. Please try with the following command in terminal: xdg-open "" It should open the in your default browser (In new tab if the browser is already running). If it doesn't work try installing or re-configuring xdg-utils. Please do let us know if it works. Thanks.
  7. Hello @Mathias, Thanks for your suggestion and I am adding your request to road-map.
  8. Hello @superpit, Looks like a false positive by Norton 360 (based on low download trust score or beta detecting). Executable is however properly signed. Just submitted a whitelist request to Norton. Anyone else getting similar warning on other antivirus products?
  9. Hello @Richard Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you while using Enpass on Mint. Thanks for reporting this issue and we will have a look into it.
  10. Hello @XiteHosting, We have noted your request and added to road-map. Cheers !
  11. Hi @Frank, I would like to let you know, there is a difference between the Last synchronized and Last attempt sync timings. Last synchronized displays the interval when the latest successful data is synced and file update on the cloud. While the Last attempt shows the time interval for the latest check for changes. So there might be different time intervals for both timings. For Testing Purpose: Do some sample changes in one device like mark any item to favorite, add a new item, add a new folder. Now check does the changes are reflected in other devices and make sure Date and Time settings set to Automatic on all devices.
  12. Hello @tox1c90 , There is a bug in Enpass with 64-bit version of browsers on some systems . We are on it and will release a fix soon. Kindly bear with us.
  13. Hello @fand0r1982, Sorry for the problem you are facing. Please let me know, if you are using the recently updated Beta version 5.2.4 along with the version of your OS? Cheers
  14. Hi all, Thanks a lot for your feedback. We have fixed the above issues and an update is coming soon.
  15. Hello @chailon, Thank you for trying Enpass. You can copy password from a selected item with Ctl+Shift+P in main Enpass window. Upcoming version will also support this shortcut in browser extension helper window.