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  1. Thank you Gulshan for your response. I do have the options checked for "Open automatically" and "Minimize app to system tray". 1. Windows 11 - 64 bit. 2. Firefox extension. 3. I did not try with other browsers. 4. All web pages are affected. 5. No 3rd party antivirus. 6. No. Freshly installed several days ago. The program works, but when I click on a key it only takes me to the webpage. It only auto fills when I go back and click on the key again. I am moving from Roboform, and in that program one click takes you to the web page, auto fills, and logins with one step. Maybe multiple clicks is the way Enpass works, but I just don't want to miss anything. Thanks for your help, J Steve
  2. When I try to login to a webpage, I will double click on the icon and it takes me to the login page (but does not log me in). I have to go back to the icon and double click once again and then it auto fills and logs me in. Is this the way it is suppose to work? Roboform would do this in a single step. Am I missing something, or does it take 2 steps to login with the Enpass Firefox extension to a website? Thanks for any help. J Steve
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