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  1. Hi. I'm using EnPass 6.8.2 on macOS Monterey. This past week, I switched from 1Password, which I'd used for over 10 years. Anyway, I have a question or two about generating new passwords and auto-filling on a web page. Here's my situation: Recently, a website, for which I have a username and password, forced me to reset my password. On the reset page there were fields for "Password" and "Confirm Password." I generated the new password using Safari's EnPass extension but the extension only filled the new password in the "Password" field and not the "Confirm Password" field. This wouldn't have been a problem if EnPass also automatically copied the new password to my clipboard, which is something 1Password would do. If it did, I could just paste the new password into the "Confirm Password" field. But because it didn't, I had to go into the EnPass application and into a Login entry and click on "Generator History," then find the latest generated password and then the little "eye" button to see the password. Disapointingly, "Generator History" has a "Fill" option but not a copy option. So, the situaton was kind of a mess. A mess I never experienced in 1Password. So, I'm wondering: is there any way to set EnPass to automaticaly copy newly generated passwords to the clipboard? Can you (the makers of Enpass) please add a "Copy" option in the Generator History? Please note: if I don't receive a response from EnPass to this post in the next few days then I'm going email support. Thanks. Sky
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