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  1. I am unable to sync using wifi between my iPhone and Macbook. My Android phone works fine. The QR code method times out with an error: "Couldn't connect to Wi-Fi Sync Server. Make sure that server is running and you are connected to same network" The 'Restore Manually' method keeps on looking for servers but never finds the Macbook. I have tried all the steps in the Wifi sync troubleshooting guide but the issue persists. I have also disabled the firewall, reinstalled Enpass on both devices and restarted the Sync Server multiple yet the issue remains. I also ran a port scan from my iPhone and it can see that the Wi-Fi sync server port is open and accessible. However, Enpass doesn't seem to want to connect to it. Enpass version 6.8.6 (684) iOS version 16.3.1 MacOS version 13.2.1 (Ventura)
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