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  1. There were no errors in my iPhone, just the 'Synchronizing..." message and the spinning wheel. I enabled logs in Enpass on my Macbook and it showed "Info: [HTTPS] Request failed: %s" several times. I was finally able to fix the issue after reinstalling the iOS app a second time and using the manual restore option. There are definitely bugs with the Wi-Fi sync that need to be fixed since I need to reinstall the app every few months for it to work.
  2. I am unable to sync using Wi-Fi between my iPhone and Macbook. It just says 'Synchronizing' but never completes. This is the third time this issue has ocurred in the past year as the Wi-Fi sync sometimes work intermittently. Firewall is disabled, I have no VPN, restarted both devices multiple times, restarted the router, and I followed the steps in the Wi-Fi sync troubleshooting guide. I also tried reinstalling Enpass and it is unable to find my Macbook through the QR code or 'Restore manually' method. The 'Restore Manually' method keeps on looking for servers but never finds the Macbook. The same issue is replicated on my iPad. Enpass iOS version: 6.9.3 (776) iOS version: 16.7 Enpass MacOS version: 6.9.1 (1515) MacOS version: 13.4 (Ventura)
  3. I am unable to sync using wifi between my iPhone and Macbook. My Android phone works fine. The QR code method times out with an error: "Couldn't connect to Wi-Fi Sync Server. Make sure that server is running and you are connected to same network" The 'Restore Manually' method keeps on looking for servers but never finds the Macbook. I have tried all the steps in the Wifi sync troubleshooting guide but the issue persists. I have also disabled the firewall, reinstalled Enpass on both devices and restarted the Sync Server multiple yet the issue remains. I also ran a port scan from my iPhone and it can see that the Wi-Fi sync server port is open and accessible. However, Enpass doesn't seem to want to connect to it. Enpass version 6.8.6 (684) iOS version 16.3.1 MacOS version 13.2.1 (Ventura)
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