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  1. Hi, Indeed, it works! Finally a solution, I'm gonna save a lot of time. Is this because the domain name is matched only with HTTPS by default? If yes, would it be possible to add a setting to allow matching over HTTP too? Thanks, Aurélien.
  2. Hi @Abhishek Dewan Would you have some news about this issue? It's still annoying me every day Thanks
  3. Hi, Do you have some news about this issue? It's been one month now and I can't wait for this bug to be solved! Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm a web developper and I use Enpass frequently to login on my local app with different test accounts. One of the last version of the app broke the autofill on local website (when the exact same build works on the remote URL). Environment: OS: macOS Monterey v12.6 Browser: Google Chrome v111.0.5563.64 Chrome extension: Enpass Password Manager v6.8.3 Enpass version: 6.8.5 (1256) Mac App Store PS: the issue is also present on another computer with Windows 11 Scenario: I prepared a scenario you can reproduce on your side too. I used the RealWorld demo app so that you can reach it remotely and run locally as well. Create an entry in enpass with the following. Note that I created this account on the app: Go on the login page on the remote website: https://demo.realworld.io/#/login Select the account The autofill works as expected. ✅ Now open a terminal and run git clone https://github.com/mutoe/vue3-realworld-example-app.git cd vue3-realworld-example-app npm install npm run dev It should download, install and run the RealWorld demo app locally. Now reach the address displayed in the terminal. For me it's Go on the login page and select the login proposed by the extension Nothing happened. The field is not filled as expected ❌ Thanks for your help, Aurelien
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