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  1. I've been having freezes too.  My Windows machine freezes when I'm in the browser, right-click, select Enpass to fill the password.  Then the main Enpass application freezes, but eventually unfreezes after several long minutes.  Another symptom is the browser sometimes freezes up too.  I haven't found anything in the Enpass logs to suggest anything useful.

    Windows 10
    Enpass 6.5.2 (725)
    FireFox 82.0.3

  2. I clicked "Checked for Updates", the app goes to the screen "Checking for updates", the icon spins...BUT...

    The application never stops spinning, and the check for updates never completes.  I've waited a day, and no success.

    It used to work.  I think it stopped working after the last update.

    Thank you.

    Enpass 6.4.1 (643)

    Windows 10



  3. Backup Frequency

    I want to schedule daily/weekly/monthly backups.

    Or tell us when "auto backup" decides to backup.

    Backup Limit/Retention Policy

    I want to limit/retain the auto-backups either by time or number.

    For example:

    A)  Only keep X number of backups.

    B)  Do not keep backups older than X months.

    C)  Fancier policy:  Daily Backup + Weekly Backup + Monthly Backup + Quarterly Backup + Annual Backup.

    Thank you.

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  4. On 1/15/2020 at 12:30 PM, c-dev said:

    At least on the Mac client, the OTP is automatically copied into the clipboard by enpass, so that after logging in, you simply have to Control-V the OTP.  It doesn't work like this on the Android client, which I would love to see.

    I didn't know about that feature...thanks.  Windows has the same feature.

    Here's the annoying part:  I have something saved to my clipboard that I don't want being erased!

    I much prefer to right click the TOTP text box on the web page, go to Enpass, and tell it to fill TOTP.  Or better yet, keyboard shortcut.


  5. Thank you....

    A few suggestions:

    1)  If you are going to use icons (show, copy), should also include icons for the other options (like delete).

    2)  Might want to consider verifying you really want to delete a shared key.

    3)  Option to rename the key.

    Thank you.

  6. I don't want to lose the popup window of the Enpass Chrome extension when I click on something that isn't the popup window.

    For example..

    I had an  Enpass extension for Chrome popup window appear when capturing a new login or update.  But I clicked away from the popup window, and the popup windows disappeared.  I then lost my login credentials, including the password I just generated.  Since the information wasn't captured by Enpass, I had to go through the extra trouble reset my password and start over.

    I've done this a few times when I've tried to click the main browser window to copy/paste information into the Enpass extension window.


    Chrome Extension v6.0.2

  7. On 4/22/2019 at 5:08 AM, Samuela said:

    Instead of doing all these messes up steps why don't you make Chromium as your default browser and then enable sync.

    Great idea, but I'm running a portable version of Chromium.

    Here's what my Chromium browser settings show (I presume it declares itself as the default browser because it is a portable app without access to the registry):



  8. Problem:

    Setting up Sync is not working with Dropbox (maybe others too).


    • Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 (323)
    • Enpass Extension
    • Chromium Web Browser 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) (not default browser) (Enpass Extension installed).
    • Google Chrome (default browser) (Enpass Extension not installed).

    Repro Steps:

    When I setup Dropbox Sync via Enpass Desktop:

    • Enpass Desktop opens the default browser.
      • I don't use the operating system default browser with Enpass, therefore don't have the Enpass Extension installed on the default browser.
      • I use Chromium as my browser, which is not the operating system's default web browser.
    • Enpass Desktop sends an authentication link to the default browser to Dropbox.
    • Since I don't use the default browser, I copy and paste the authentication link to my default browser.
    • The browser that I use is Chromium, with the Enpass Extension installed.
    • When I log into Dropbox via authentication link and approve the authorization, Enpass doesn't recognize the authorization, and does nothing.

    Potential Reasons:

    • Chromium not fully supported. 
    • Chromium is not the default browser.  Enpass will open the default browser (which I don't use Enpass Extension) with the authentication link, I manually copy the authentication link, and paste the link.
    • There's some sort of communication between: Enpass Desktop <=> Enpass Extension <=> Browser that is not working.


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