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  1. Hey, i switched from Android to iOS and tried the Enpass App there. Now i experienced 2 behaviors, that make me unhappy. Browsing in the newest Firefox, the phone won't trigger the Enpass-App when i fill out the login form Opening an App and clicking the password icon and Use Enpass, i cannot unlock enpass using fingerprint, i must login using the master password, which is not useful for the user experience. Is there any solutiuon i don't know about or is this a bug?
  2. Hey, it would be nice when i can move my own created fields in the defualt fieldset to sort all my needed fields properly.
  3. I saved a software license in enpass and i can say, that my license has 4 users, but i can only store 1 license in the field. In my case, i got 4 licenses, so i have to store them all. I tried adding new password fields with the correct naming, but these fields will appear as last fields in the dataset away from other fields. Maybe this would be solved by the possibility to move self created fields in the fieldset.
  4. Yes, but then i would suggest a progress bar. My Plex server also updates in background, but this way i don't get any status information if its done or not, so a progressbar would solve this, the user only has to wait for 100%.
  5. Hey, i made the last update and i felt confused about the process of updating. After clicking on update enpass loads the package and opens the zip, which a have to install manually. Also the icon of the updater is not the known enpass icon. My suggestion would be: Use the enpass logo for the update notification Ddownload the exe file directly After notification of a running instance, let the user quit the application by cklicking a button (not manually) Start the update automatically (if needed with admin permissions) I hope, this helps to improve the product. Greetings
  6. Hey, it would be very nice to get my application settings also synced in my vault, so that new clients don't need to setup after connecting with the synced vault
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