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  1. Enpass crash on log in

    Hey @topernic This warning doesn't impact the usage of Enpass in any way. You can ignore this. If you still face any trouble using Enpass, please drop a mail at support@enpass.io with the system information and the version of Enpass that you're using. Cheers!
  2. Desktop client (5.6.2) keeps crashing

    Hey guys, Sorry to hear about the trouble you're going through. But the good news is, our dev team is currently working on a new update for fixing this issue and it'll be rolled out soon. Cheers!
  3. Hey @asmodean Enpass autofill works only with that browser which provides accessibility events. This technical limitation is preventing us from auto-filling in other browsers (Firefox, in your case ) and that's why you've to search and fill the details. You can also opt to manually fill the logins in Firefox with Enpass Keyboard. Cheers!
  4. mass update across domain

    Hey @mat2e Thanks for your suggestion. We already have the feature for linked fields on our roadmap that might help this issue. Cheers!
  5. Hey @n8v8r Sorry for the misunderstanding. There is nothing like Enpass is going anywhere. We've already released the WebExtension for Firefox and it can be installed from our website only and it would no longer be distributed through the Firefox Store for faster delivery of the updates. So if you are using the addon installed from Store, please uninstall that and install the WebExtension from our website. Cheers!
  6. Data & Backup Path (Enpass from Win10Store)

    Hey @omnicom Actually, the apps downloaded from the Windows Store store their data inside app sandbox and it's not possible to change the default location for them. However, the option to change the location of the backup files will be available in an upcoming update. Cheers!
  7. Version Number for Portable seems to be lagging behind

    Hey guys, I understand how impatiently you must be waiting for the updated version of Enpass portable. Very soon we are coming out with a new update for installer version with some important improvements and fixes, and after that we will work on portable version to match that with the stable installer version. Sorry for the inconvenience! We are really working very hard to keep the things together and updated on all platforms. Thanks for your understanding!
  8. Hey guys, Sorry for the delayed response. We tested this issue with the exact system specifications that you mentioned but weren't able to reproduce it, not once. Our dev team is currently working on developing a debug version and we'll appreciate it if you can please run it and share the reports. Your patience is highly appreciated.
  9. Hey @joji Yes, the upgrade for Android needs to be bought separately. As due to platform-specific restrictions, the license for one platform can't be used on a different one. If Enpass would have been an online and subscription-based service, we would've shared your details across platforms to give you the access to the full version. The same has been mentioned in the FAQ. Cheers!
  10. Slow Search / Search lag

    Hey @webmaster Thanks for the feedback. Actually, the response of the search depends upon the number of items you have in your keychain. So the bigger is your keychain, the slower is searching. Whenever you search for an item in Enpass, by default a deep search is performed to show the most relevant results. We are currently working on the next major update with a new searching mechanism and we have already tested it for performance. However, in the mean time to speed up the things, you can change the search settings to Title Only (screenshot). Also, you can limit the search only to the selected category in the sidebar by disabling the Search Default to All Items in general settings. Cheers!
  11. Hey @webmaster Thanks for the suggestion. I've noted it down for consideration. Cheers!
  12. Enpass has stopped Working Error

    Hey guys, Sorry for the delayed response. We're about to roll out a new update fixing some crash issues and minor bugs that have been troubling our users. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Changing Sync location after server crash.

    Hey @Martva Yes, you got this right. Cheers!
  14. Hey @SNB You can make Enpass extension work with Yandex browser by turning off the Code signature verification in main Enpass App as explained here in the user manual. Before that, just have a look at the whole scenario and associated risks (if any, in your case) in turning off the Browser verification. Currently, Enpass supports extensions for widely used browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browser. However, the Enpass extension can be installed in many other Chromium-based Web browsers available in the market, provided they support the installation of Chrome extensions (Yandex browser is your case). So as mentioned here, under Communication section, Enpass App validates the authenticity of both extension and Browser before making any connection and serving data for auto-filling. In case of Yandex Browser, Extension Validity Check gets passed but the validity check for Browser gets failed and you get the Error 403/Connection error. So if you turn off the code signature verification, you can bypass the Browser checking and set your foot into auto filling in Yandex Browser. To avoid any security risks associated with turning off the code signature verification, please make sure that you download the browser from the legitimate source and double check the authenticity of any extension you install. Cheers!
  15. Hey @goranculibrk Please let me know, on which site are you facing this problem so that we can have a look at this issue. Cheers!