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  1. Akash Vyas

    Beta 6 + One Drive

    Hey @Nigel Flowers No, the data file from V6 won't affect the data previously created with the older version (V5). Instead, a new folder named Enpass6-beta will be created when you sync it to a cloud account. Please have a look at this post to know how to restore the Enpass 5 data to the latest version (V6). Cheers!
  2. Akash Vyas

    Password History Does Not Remember My History

    Hey @chatie Thanks for writing to us. This might just be a mix-up between the password history in the password generator and history for the item. Please have a look at the screenshots and confirm if that's not the case. The first image shows the history for the passwords that are recently generated with the password generator and the second one for the item's password history, i.e, the previously used passwords for the item. For more about password history, please have a look at the user manual. Cheers!
  3. Akash Vyas

    Sync local Enpass fodler by cloud sync software

    Hey @samep Well, it is not recommendable. However, you can choose to use the local folder sync feature in Enpass and then sync that folder to the cloud account of your choice. Cheers!
  4. Akash Vyas

    Auto email recognition

    Hey @samep Yes, this feature will be available with the update as a part of Identity management. Cheers!
  5. Akash Vyas

    Win10 desktop beta feedback

    Hey @Robert Thanks for writing in. No, this won't be available in the update. Once you unlock the primary vault, all the vaults will be unlocked and the only time you'll need the password for another vault will be when you share the vault with someone or when you change the vault password. Reason being, if you need to use more passwords, it negates the use of Enpass of remembering all the passwords for you. Thanks.
  6. Akash Vyas

    Sync failed with iCloud

    Hey @JFL35 Please follow these quick troubleshooting steps and let me know if it works out: Open Enpass--> Settings--> Sync--> Disable. Go to device/system settings--> iCloud--> iCloud drive--> Turn off the iCloud drive and turn it on again. Now turn on the sync and check. Hope this helps!
  7. Akash Vyas

    Background and text the same colour!

    Hey @djsmiley2k@gmail.com The dark theme is not supported in the current version of Enpass. However, it'll be available in the next major update Enpass 6. Thanks.
  8. Hey @jelle Thanks for the writing in and suggesting. I'd like to share that we're all set to introduce a new the password generator with more customization options in the next major update. Cheers!
  9. Hey @hihouhou Sorry for the mix-up. Here's the command for the Windows platform, please perform these steps and share the output at support@enpass.io: Open Enpass and make sure that only the Enpass Firefox extension is enabled, now run the following command in command prompt: netstat -ano | findstr 10391 If this doesn't show any result, please try 10391 to 10395. Whichever command gives the output, then run this command: echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10391') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on Note: The value of findstr 10391 can be changed according to the output. For ex: suppose the output comes after running this command "netstat -ano | findstr 10392" then you have to run this command: echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10392') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on Thanks for your co-operation.
  10. Akash Vyas

    Beta 6 + One Drive

    Hey @WELSr This was a known issue and it has already been fixed in a new beta update and hopefully, it'll be live in a couple of days. Cheers!
  11. Hey @mat Thanks for sharing the details. I've noted them down for the QA team to look into it. Cheers!
  12. Hey @mat We have tested this issue in our labs but unable to reproduce it. Please make sure that you're using the right shortcut command that you've set up in the extension settings. Please provide some more details so that we can investigate further. Which versions of OS, Enpass and Enpass extension are you using? Which Firefox version are you using? What shortcut have you set for Firefox extension? Are you facing this problem on any specific website? Thanks!
  13. Akash Vyas

    secure note syncing

    Hey @Vincent Remy No, this shouldn't be happening! For quick troubleshooting, please try re-enabling the sync to check if that works. If the problem persists, please provide some more details so that we can investigate it further. On which all devices (along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Which Enpass version are you using? Which cloud services are you using to sync? Do the last sync and last attempt timestamps get updated on the sync page? For testing purpose, please add a new secure note and check if that syncs across the devices. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, Sorry for the delay. We tested this issue on MacOS 10.13.5 and everything seems to work fine here. To investigate further, we need some help from your side. Please let us know: MacOSX version Are you using multiple user accounts on your system? If yes, does this problem appear in the admin account or otherwise? Also, open Enpass, click on the Firefox extension and then run this command in the terminal and share the results at support@enpass.io lsof -i:10391 Where 10391 is the port number and if there is no output (blank), please try with other port numbers between 10391 to 10395. Thanks for your co-operation.
  15. Akash Vyas

    enter password twice

    Hey @portboy Please let me know the keyboard layout that you're using along with the preferred system and Enpass languages so that we can investigate the issue. Thanks.