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  1. 5.6.5 Enpass filling in wrong protected field

    Hey @jvEbCge3ck5U6WxnPa Sorry for the trouble you've been going through. This is a known bug and we've fixed it in a new update that we'll roll out soon. Please bear with us.
  2. Hey @mrhappy0325 Thanks for writing in. Enpass also supports autofill using Android's autofill framework (introduced in Android O) which prompts you in other apps to save the logins to Enpass. For this, you need to enable the Autofill in Enpass settings (the first option). Cheers!
  3. Android - copy username

    Hey @Frank68 Thanks for writing to us and bringing this to notice. Actually, you need to tap on the options (three dots arranged vertically) placed in the right corner of the item to copy the username. However, I've noted your suggestion for discussions. Cheers!
  4. Hey @leandrw Thanks for writing in. Actually, the Traditional desktop version of the app doesn't support the Edge extension. That's the reason we introduced the bridge version of the same Traditional app in the Windows Store to integrate the support for Edge extension along with the other browser extensions. Cheers!
  5. Problem with saving login details

    Hey @Rooco Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We tested this in our lab and it seems that the when we clicked on login, it went unnoticed. However, on pressing the return key, the dialog for saving the login appeared. So for now, please use the return key. Meanwhile, I've forwarded it to the tech team to look into it. Cheers!
  6. Support for Falkon browser

    Hey guys, Thanks for taking the time to write in. Currently, we have our plates full with the development of the major release but I've noted down your suggestion for consideration. Cheers!
  7. Store Attachments (Photos) in the Vault

    Hey @Markus_5466 Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry, we don't have any plans to save attachments without any item. They will be continued to be stored with the items. However, I've noted it down. Cheers!
  8. Hey @Raze Thanks for writing to us. I've noted down the URLs and forwarded to the tech team. Cheers!
  9. Hey @alexpilon90 Thanks for stopping by and bringing this to our notice. I've forwarded your concern to the dev team to look into it for a solution. Cheers!
  10. Open multiple vaults

    Hey guys, We're working on it. Here's the latest update. Cheers!
  11. Problem with Password

    Hey guys, Sorry for the delay, it was an oversight. Please have a look at these troubleshooting steps for the master password not working. If these don't help, unfortunately, your data is lost and you'll have to start over. If you need some assistance with the troubleshooting steps, we'll be happy to help. Just drop us a mail at support@enpass.io Thanks for your co-operation.
  12. Hey @wugeng668 We completely understand your concern for the safety of your data. If you are using Enpass on MacOS, then a keylogger (Trojan, malware) can't record your password. It is because we use Secure Input text field provided by Mac OS for password entry which itself bypasses keyloggers on OS level. However, there is no such equivalent feature available for Windows operating system, hence making everyone vulnerable to keyloggers. A password manager can't isolate itself from operating system. Hence, you should take every step (antivirus, windows defender etc.) to make sure that no unauthenticated software is installed on your system or is detected at the earliest. We also have unlock on secure desktop feature lined up as a security measure against keyloggers on Windows for the next major release. Cheers!
  13. Card expiration reminder and recycle bin

    Hey @WeirdUser Thanks for suggestions. The suggested features have already been implemented in the development tree of the next major release. Cheers!
  14. Hey @toprock Sorry that you have to rely on a workaround to configure Proxy in Enpass while restoring the database. We have already improved this behavior in the next major release. Cheers!
  15. Database is empty

    Hey @misteurz We are aware of this issue and working for a fix and hopefully that will be available soon. Please bear with us. Cheers!