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  1. I'm trying your beta right now. Awsome. 

    Many of the requested features are now available.  

    Thanks for TEMPLATE. I Was becoming crazy by duplicating things, and my vault is right now a mess because of that. This will help me Fix it.

    Now some question:

    - Can I Cloud Sync E6 with the same account of E5 without causing Any Trouble?

    - In case of multi-vaults, What will be the master password requested? (I suppose the one of the primary vault, but I need to be sure). 

    -When I unlock the primary vault with his password also the others are opened too. Is it possible to set E6 so that it require the password EVERY time Vault-switch append?

    - Do you have a more precise release date for E6 than "by the end of october"? Any update about that?

    Thanks. E6 is  one of the biggest update ever, and I love it already.


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