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  1. Hello at Enpass Team, I perfectly understand the fact that you need some income for the recurrent cost. And that the Pro/Premium users with lifetime licence don't give you any more revenue. But what you did with the "new Premium features but none to Pro users" poses a problem because as many told before me, none will trust you anymore. What next ? Deluxe Premium ? Platinum Premium ? At first, the lifetime licence can seem like a great way to begin your company or to promote your service/software but on the long way, it'll become a nightmare, financially speaking. However, once you offer s
  2. Hi, Actually, I've some requests: First, in the password verification feature, we have 3 options about the password age: 3 to 6 months 6 to 12 months 1 to 3 years I would like add a fourth option : 3 to 6 years. I know that some password older that 3 years should be considered as insecure and should be changed. But I would like know how much of my passwords are older that 1 or 3 years. Because now it's a little hard to say if some of my password are really old or not. Second, the dark theme should be modified a little. Personally, I don't really like the b
  3. Hi, On my 4K monitor, the scaling is 150% (I don't know about you). I did change the scaling parameter 150% -> 100%, disconnected my session (it'll close all app) and in my new session I put back the scaling to 150%. Enpass will be okay only for this one session. If you restart Windows, you'll need redo the scaling tips again. Enpass don't have a scaling problem if you put 100%. Once you change back to 150%, all Windows (& others app) will be to 150% except Enpass (it'll stay at 100%). It's just temporary. It's better to wait for the Enpass team for a patch.
  4. Hi, My feedback/questions for the Enpass 6 beta for Windows. The UI is too little on my UHD monitor (3840x2160). Need to add option for high resolution display. Highlight the item count number as in Enpass 5 to make it more visible. I'd like import some backup data of Enpass 5 for test, but i'm unable to do it. Add option to change the hamburger menu in a classic menu bar. How do you use the TOTP field? For many services that I use I need to enter a One Time password via mobile app or physical digipass. Let's hope a French version will be up for the fin
  5. Hi, I just bought a UHD monitor 28" and Enpass Desktop seem have problem with this new resolution (3840x2160). The category/folders panel have very little font size and the menu bar is stacked. I have same problem with the Enpass extension browser. The windows is so little. Any solution? Thank you.
  6. Hi Akash Vyas, I understand now. Thank for your reply.
  7. Hi, For fun, I tried to use Enpass desktop with Iridium Browser (chromium based-browser) by installing the extension of Chrome web store. But that don't work. However, ublock Origin (another extension I taken of Chrome web store) seems working. It's a problem of the Enpass extension or of Iridium browser? Thank you.
  8. Hi, Any database can become corrupted for many reasons such as hardware or software failures. However, with Enpass, it's possible to backup your 'walletx.db' file on another support (hard drive, cloud service, etc..). But know that the risk to have corrupted data is never to 'zero'.
  9. Hi, Did you install the Enpass's chrome extension and actived it in Enpass setting?
  10. Hi, Can Enpass add a similar feature to Lastpass' challenge security with more options? I know that Enpass have a "password verification" feature but I found it lack some options. Per example: - The possibility to search for password with less that xx characters. Per example, if password have less that 20 characters I consider it as weak. - The possibility to search for password that don't have numbers or special characters. - The possibility to change the quantity of month (y month instead of x month) for the "old" criteria. I don't consider 1 month as old for a password a
  11. Hi, I'm unable to found a means for autofill this web page : EmployerD - Desjardins with Enpass. And in addition, there is 2 step for access, the first is the "User code" and "business code" and second page is for enter the password. Because i'm unable to use Enpass (and Lastpass) with this website, I'm forced to copy/paste with my text fil (notepad++). I tried many thing but never succeeded. Any idea? Thank you. - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit - Opera beta v.47.0 - Enpass desktop 5.5.7 + Opera extension
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