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  1. I tried to exclude a password and it's in the audit excluded list. But it's still showing on the audit identical. Can I rebuild this audit list?
  2. I did the enpass reset on win10 home. Ehmm enpass version probably the latest (store automatically updates). Don't need to check Enpass, updates don't go that fast. And otherwise it's updated now.
  3. Have you tried to type the password in notepad? Your keyboard may be in the wrong keyboard layout. Did you used enpass 5 on previous pc and now trying to run it on enpass 6? Just checking....
  4. I think this is a bug that shouldn't happen. I did an enpass reset but after I wanted to re-run the sync again I came to the conclusion that my webdav sync file was also gone. I did the enpass reset on win10 the webdav file was on a synology NAS. No worries I made multiple back-ups of the enpass vault.
  5. Yep WebDAV with Synology is working great overhere! I added the vault in a Synology Drive map (version history) so I can restore the vault when needed (never needed it). I'm using Cloud sync to create an extra backup on my dropbox. In the past I had some problems with connecting to WebDAV through enpass. I think it depends on the device but most of the time you need to link it to the enpass folder ( https://www.domain.com:port/home/Drive/Enpass ) or just the folder before that ( https://www.domain.com:port/home/Drive/ )
  6. Nothing about this? Cleanup password history or cleanup unused fields.
  7. I have the samy issue here on android. I fixed all identical passwords on windows and my android phone succesfully synced. Android enpass menu says 4 identical passwords when I open it there are only 2 but they are not identical.... Tried to delete the cache but that didn't help. Any other way to refresh that list?
  8. You can't run enpass on a USB stick? Enpass Portable: https://www.enpass.io/downloads/
  9. Keepass found a way.... https://code.lardcave.net/entries/2013/04/01/215058/ Not sure if it's keeping the keyfile on the device or on the nfc tag.
  10. Created a new post for a feature request. I think NFC could be a really good idea when it's encrypted.
  11. In response to this topic: I think an NFC tag/sticker with the keyfile is a good feature. I like to keep the keyfile seperate from my device. Maybe we could also encrypt the keyfile on the nfc tag so it will be decrypted on the device.
  12. Maybe a keyfile on an USB stick. But that sucks when you want to use it on your phone. I like to use a NFC tag for this, but I need to research this and maybe I need help from enpass. Hopefully enpass is reading this. We need some kind of hardware keyfile. A keyfile should be something seperate from the device.
  13. It's impossible for hackers to crack the database if they don't have access to the keyfile. The secret key gets appended to the master password so the password will be very long (check the picture). The best way is to keep the keyfile on your device and only the enpass database on your cloud storage. Correct me if I'm wrong but the only reason to use a keyfile is to ensure that the Enpass database will be safe on your cloud account. When hackers get into your device they will find your database and keyfile location, so it's always recommended to use a unique strong master password.
  14. Hello, Is it is possible to automatically extract and unpack the database so that the database file gets smaller? Or does this cause problems with sync?
  15. Where can I make a bug report? It seems that those enpassattach files are not automatically deleted when I delete the item in enpass (also after removing trash).
  16. Oke I just found this: vault.enpassdb: This is a SQLCipher database which is 100% encrypted using your vault key. It contains all your data except attachments more than the size of 1KB. Bigger attachments are saved in a separate SQLCipher database. <uuid>.enpassattach: These are SQLCipher database files for each attachment with size more than 1KB, encrypted by a randomly generated key that is stored in vault.enpassdb. I have files that are 4KB and don't have a seperate enpassattach file. Is this because I already created those attachment before new version of enpass arriv
  17. I like a cleanup database feature. My database is getting bigger and bigger maybe it also needs better compression. Cleanup old passwords(history) Remove custom icons that are not used. Check database for errors
  18. Hello, I'm running enpass with webdav sync and I have a problem when I create a new item with an attachment. Enpass creates a new file next to my enpass database with an *.enpassattach extension. I don't like this! I already have other small attachments in my database without an enpassattach file.
  19. I have 2 vaults one for work and one for private stuff. I'm syncing this with WebDAV but can't sync to the same map, because vaults have the same file name (vault.enpassdbsync). Isn't it possible to change the file name to the vault name so I can sync in the same map?
  20. How do I delete my own made custom icons in enpass 6?
  21. I really like to see a maintain database button to remove all passwords in history. Or to repair corrupt databases, I know keepass has an option like this.
  22. Help --> Contribute --> Report Bug It just starts a browser but it won't go to any url.
  23. Layout bug 1: Scrollbars when I want to choose an icon? Layout bug 2: Text "Password History" in Dutch version doesn't fit "Wachtwoordgeschiedenis"
  24. Hello, I just did a test with restoring backup files. And I got an error after using it (check picture). I'm using windows 10 with enpass 5.5.8. I don't have a problem now because I can always go back to a previous version of walletx.db with my own cloudserver. But maybe you can fix this problem for the next release?
  25. I changed the export file manually now so it's fixed for me.
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