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  1. Thank you, @Akash Vyas, for your reply. Another question of the same kind, please: My initial set of passwords was a CSV import. The backup had the size of 1.0 MB. I noticed an error, with & chars and deleted everything, corrected the CSV file and reimported it. A new backup, this time size 1.6 MB. Is there a way to purge previous paswords? Thank you.
  2. Backup files of different size Hello, I just noticed: The backup taken from the mobile app is not identical in size with the backup taken from the desktop app after full round of syncs via Dropbox. How is this possible? Thanks.
  3. My own reply. The first scenario does not work. One device can only have one sync link. The second scenario: the backup taken from the mobile is not identical in size with the backup taken from the desktop app after full round of syncs. How is this possible? A third scenario: Enpass Desktop (install version) has an option to sync via folder. iCloud may sync a folder hierarchy to the cloud. Still, this does not work for Enpass, due to strange naming of the iCloud folders. Enpass Desktop (portable version) does NOT have the folder sync option (the last version is 0.0.2 version numbers below the install version).
  4. Dual cloud sync possible? Hello, Following more users' concern on iCloud sync on windows I am discussing the following setup: a windows desktop, and all others Apple devices: MacBook, iPhone, iPad. All Apple devices use iCloud sync. In order to add the windows desktop to this, a sync link should be added. Between the desktop and one of the Apple devices, possibly iPhone. This should be done via a sync method supported under windows, e.g. Dropbox. This means that the iPhone will have two sync links, via iCloud and via Dropbox. Or, alternatively, the link between the windows desktop and the Apple group may simply be an occasional Wifi backup/restore. Should such a scenario work? Is there a simpler way out? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I see here a vicious circle. Let me explain. In case of installing Enpass on a new device: (1) In order for the sync to work, I have to know the Dropbox password before the sync is set. (2) At that time, the Dropbox password is securely stored inside the Enpass file, on the cloud. Which means I do not know yet my Dropbox password. What solutions are available to this issue? I know, the simplest option is to keep Dropbox password out of the Enpass loop. But, personally, I do not like this idea too much. I also know this is not a question specific to Enpass, Dropbox, or Enpass+Dropbox. Thamk you.
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