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  1. I use STRG+< (German qwertz keyboard) - on Chrome, Edge and the old Firefox version it was not a problem. And I use Windows 10 and the current newest version of enpass for Windows 7+ PCs
  2. Will there be firefox v57 support in bridged version anytime? I want to use bridged version, edge and the firefox v57 extension.
  3. I selected a shortcut for enpass in the enpass settings, but in firefox 57 the shortcut is not working. Are you working on this bug?
  4. It's possible, other extensions don't have this problem.
  5. e.g.: https://password.kaspersky.com/de/ - Just have 123, abc, ABC and [/$ in your password. 10+ chars long. And: If you set up a 2FA for your Cloud service (OneDrive, Dropbox, ..) someone needs to get your cloud Service password, your 2 FA code and your master password of enpass.
  6. One more thing: The PIN / Face Unlock is just working on your machine. It's not your new masterpassword on every computer, so if someone is "logging" your pin - he still can't access the password database. And if someone is trying to open the database on your machine -he can just try 3 PIN codes, and the PIN can have more then 4 digits. So it should be safe enough
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