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  1. Dropbox sync used to work just fine, but stopped to do so now. Sync works between iPhone and iPad, and also from Windows to iPhone/iPad, but is does NOT work from iPhone / iPad to Windows.
  2. Whgen I attach an Attachment on my iphone and synchronize I cannot see the attachment on the PC even when I am synchronizing manually. Only when I restart the PC application this attachments shows up. I haven't checked if its working the other way round.
  3. Doubleclick to open attachments would be ice. Now you have to click first on anattachment and then select "open" from the list. Doubleclicking is normally used to open an item.
  4. I would like to have a drag & drop functionality for attachment files for the PC and Mac Versions. It is IMHO much too complicated to 1) activate edit mode, and then 2) to click on the button "field", select the item "attachments" and then 3) to find yourself always in the same directory, where you definitely don't find your files. Even if you have selected a different folder, the next time the default folder opens again. This is very annoying! It would be very helpful though to keep the last selected folder if drag & drop is too much programming work.
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