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  1. Unhappy forced upgrade is going poorly. Bug in v6.0.0.100 = application freezes after performing a long-held press of the password field. Result = it spawns a view of password value that shows character index on black background AND IT CANNOT BE DISMISSED. Doing that in previous versions was method to copy the value to the pasteboard for use elsewhere. Now, it's necessary to kill & restart the application, log in, etc
  2. Ditto here. Where went the internal browser and why does v6 exist outside beta?
  3. I first started using Enpass on my Windows Phone, which I still use and enjoy except for the occasional reminder that its OS (8.1) is abandonware. So I suppose it's understandable that when Dropbox messed up - oop, I mean IMPROVED - its API, Enpass fixed it for everything BUT WP8.1. Sigh. I'm limping along OK to http restore data from backups I create with Enpass on my other devices (Mac & Lubuntu PCs + Android tablet), but wonder if it could get updated just once more in "my" Windows Store? Any other suggestions will be welcome - and yes, I know how to buy a new phone LOL. Mmm?
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