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  1. On 10/12/2020 at 3:09 PM, Pratyush Sharma said:

    HI @Binh Truong,

    We would like to inform you that sharing the Enpass app logs and Extension option is only available in the Website version of Enpass. If you are using the website version, follow the below steps; otherwise, please take the backup of Enpass data and reinstall the Enpass app from the link.

    Enable Logs in the Advanced Settings. If you face issues, copy logs and send them to us directly on support@enpass.io. To do so, you can share the logs by following the steps- Open Enpass > Settings > Advanced > Enable logs, and when Enpass crashes, copy logs and send it to us. 

    Thanks for your co-operation.

    Today I hit this issue again. I attach log from Enpass for Desktop and Extension


    Enpass_Extension.plist Enpass_Windows_Traditional.plist

  2. @Garima Singh I also face this issue with Edge and Chrome on Windows. I also use AdGuard for PC. Please help how to fix this issue without affection to AdGuard.

    I click Enpass icon on browser then it call Enpass well and I also enter PIN to open Enpass but browser still shows "Connection Error"


    I tried Enpass for PC(6.5.1) and Enpass from WIndows Store (6.5.1) on Enpass extension (6.4 version) from Microsoft Store and Chrome Store .

    I purchased Enpass so I can use full feature in Windows

    Thanks You

  3. Currently I am using Windows 10 v1809 and Windows has feature to save clipboard and sync via cloud. It is nice feature for Windows User but with Enpass User is not security because it will save password when user copy.

    I hope that Enpass should add option in setting to enable/disable store data in Win clipboard and sync cloud as latest version (2.4.1) of Keepass.




  4. 8 minutes ago, Vikram Dabas said:

    Hi @Binh Truong

    Sorry for the confusion. Actually, the first beta of Enpass 6 was released as a standalone app and was installed as a separate app on your device parallel to the existing Enpass app. But the recent beta update v6.0.0.91 is pushed over the current Enpass 5 app.

    I know that many of our active beta testers might have migrated their data from Enpass v5 to standalone Enpass 6 beta app. But with this latest beta update, they again have to restore their data from Enpass 6 Beta standalone to the Enpass app. However, due to different data locations on the cloud, it's not possible to restore data directly from the cloud and, you need to restore it manually.

    To restore, please follow the steps given below:

    Step 1: Saving the backup from Enpass 6 Beta

    • Open Enpass 6 beta app > Settings > Advanced > Backup > click On Device under External Storage > Select the path > Done.
    • Uninstall it from the device.

    Step 2: Restoring backup into Enpass app

    • Open Enpass app and save a backup.
    • Reinstall the Enpass app v6.0.0.91 from Play Store.
    • When the Welcome screen appears, click Local Storage under Backup File > Locate the backup saved in Step 1 > Enter Master Password and Done.

    Hope it helps. Let me know if you still face any problem in restoring your data.

    Thanks. I can restore my data on Win PC.

    Can i restore data on iOS with new change? I am using WinPC and Enpass beta on iOS.

  5. 19 hours ago, Gajender Singh said:

    Sync incompatibility: Sync in Enpass v6 works entirely in new, efficient way and syncs to the different location (generally in destined App folders on cloud service providers) than the previous versions released so far. It will neither synchronize with and nor restore data of any previous versions (Enpass 5 and previous Enpass 6 beta). So if you want to start testing of this beta as a clean install on some other device on which you are not having Enpass 5 (i.e., not over your existing Enpass 5 app), the only way is to restore data from the backup file.

    I'm confusing with your explanation. I use Enpass 5 but I switched to Enpass 6 beta and now my data from Enpass 5 is not up to date as Enpass 6 beta.

    With your explanation then I cannot keep syncing data of Enpass 6 beta after Enpass 6 is release official.

    What should I do with my data Enpass 6 Beta?

  6. DUT:

    Windows 10 Pro latest up to date

    Enpass Beta 6 v6.0.0.41 (latest)



    1. From Primary Vault, select one item or some items

    2. Right click and select "Add to Vault"

    3. Select desired Vault (Working)

    4 Select Copy or Move

    5. Check Vault Working

    Expected: Selected Items should be moved/copied to Vault Working

    Actual: There is no items in Vault working


    Note: Try restart Enpass 6 but it still does not work.

  7. On 5/30/2017 at 5:19 PM, Anshu kumar said:

    Hi @Binh Truong 

    Sorry to hear about your trouble.

    To autofill in any app, Enpass searches for package name of App in the URL field of items and that in reverse order; i.e. to fill in Facebook App with package name com.facebook.katana, Enpass searches for items matching URL katana.facebook.com or facebook.com, and shows the items available. If the matching item is not available, user has two option to make the items available for autofilling.

    1. The easy way: Search for the item on autofill page displayed for app, and upon selecting the desired item, Enpass will prompt to add its package name as URL field in reverse order to make it available next time.
    2. Manually add the package name of App as URL field in the item in reverse order. So, in this case you have to manually create a URL field in the item with value of package name of ACB app i.e. vn.com.acb.mobile.

    Hope this helps!

    I know that feature but I hit another case.

    When I launch some application with lgoin from them Enpass does not show Enpass icon Notification so I cannot use AutoFill.

    My workaround: Pull down notification then refocus again into login form (user name or password) then Enpass icon appear and I can use Autofill.

  8. Hi Team,

    I already enabled AutoFill and I can use AutoFill with Android 6 (LG G5).

    After I upgrade fresh Android7 then Autofill cannot shows in notification when I open app.

    This is app I use: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobile.acb.com.vn

    Workaround: I select AutoFill of Lastpass then icon AutoFill of Enpass appear. With Android 6 I still installed Lastpass and Enpass and it works well on Android6


    1. LG G5 Android 7

    2. Enpass stable: 5.5.2

  9. On 9/19/2016 at 1:53 PM, Anshu kumar said:

    Thanks for the suggestion @Arnas! It's a cool idea, I have noted your request in roadmap.


    I love this feature, beside that if we have option to hide some character of email in tab TOTP. like : testenpass@gmail.com then in TOTP it should show te***ss@gmail.com

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  10. On 7/9/2016 at 1:15 PM, Hemant Kumar said:

    Hi @JohnF,

    Thanks for tring the Beta. Have you checked both Enable Browser Extensions and Support for Microsoft Edge in Browser settings of Enpass. More at 


    Please let us know if your problem get resolved.



    I cannot use it.

    This log error when I click icon:


    • Name : Enpass Password Manager
    • Version : 5.2.3


    • Certificate IssuedBy : Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011
    • Certificate IssuedTo : Microsoft Corporation
    • Connecting Path : C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe
    • Error : Unknown error
    • LocalAddress :
    • LocalPort : 10391
    • Origin : https://EnpassPasswordManager_nt7fcssrybz1j:0
    • PeerAddress :
    • PeerPort : 9721

    Operating System

    • Name : Windows 10


    • Type : NoProxy
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