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  1. Thanks @Kashish I enabled logs, unfortunately they show very little. What I did to test was start with fresh run. Enpass and browsers work fine. Logging is enabled and I ran the command. I then suspended my computer and tried using the browser extensions. They of course failed. I then looked at the Enpass log again and ran the command again. (I tried this individually with Firefox and Chromium and both browsers at the same time, but the results from the command and log were the same, just merged together). Here are the results: https://pastebin.com/1wT7XdHj (Sorry had to make it ex
  2. I have been using Enpass for a number of years now. However within the last few months (I can't pin it down more accurately than that, sorry), the browser extensions lose connection with Enpass after I suspend/sleep my computer. When I first boot in, the browser extensions work fine. If my computer is suspended and then woken, I get the below connection error. This happens with both Firefox and Chromium. Enpass does correctly pop up when the browser extension tries to connect but then it's like it can't see Enpass at all and eventually times out. I have tried restarting the browsers
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