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  1. Thanks! I just completely missed that.
  2. I just downloaded the Enpass Beta client for macOS. I successfully set up a "test" vault. Now I want to set up syncing with my webdav server. I cannot find where to set up Sync. When I try to go to Tools>Sync, nothing happens. Am I missing something? I had Enpass 5 installed, but deleted it before I set up the Beta. I had no data that I needed from version 5. My goal is to test syncing between my desktop and my mobile devices.
  3. Well that IS good news! Thank you. I have signed up for the beta program!
  4. I, too, am looking to move from 1Password. Really tired of them... I see that Multiple open vaults will (hopefully) be available in Version 6. Will that also include Shared Vaults? This is a required feature for my wife and I. We have a few internet accounts that we share and like to keep them in a shared vault that is synced. Also, how can I go about getting on the Beta when it is released in May? If I can see some progress in the Beta, I am willing to pay for your solution at that point.
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