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  1. Hello, When will the portable version be upgraded to 6.8.2? Thanks
  2. Thanks @Abhishek Dewan. Can I suggest a function to alert when there is a new version. This will make it easier for users to be aware of the new version.
  3. Thanks @Abhishek Dewan I was under the impression that Enpass updated automatically. Is there a way to do it? I am not using the Windows Store version.
  4. Windows 6.7.2 (887) Android: No
  5. The identical information is not updated when there are no identical entries.
  6. I think that keeping old passwords intended to be deleted in a folder permanently constitutes a security risk. Besides a permanent repository for bundled passwords one wants to keep is covered by Archived. Without this differentiation I am not sure what would be the difference between Trash and Archive.
  7. I have a record with two file attachments. I deleted one and added a new file. The original file Enpass report that the product was "Added a few seconds ago". This is not the case. An enhancement would be to have the date when the attachment was added to the record. Another enhancement on this topic would be the ability to view the attachment rather have to save it and then view it.
  8. Thanks. I've noticed that on every Windows computer I had Enpass running, following the upgrade I was asked to specify an email. I provided the email address of my android account and received and code that I typed in. I would be great if in the Help -> About box we are told the status of or our account. For example, I am a Plex Pass member and this is clearly shown.
  9. Hello, I purchased the Android version of Enpass but was using the non-premium version of the desktop app. How does the new pricing impact me please? Thanks
  10. Hello @Vikram, I would like to experiment with the KeyFile functionality. Do you have documentation I can follow to try this out? With respect to SQRL this is an free open source method of user authentication. I've attached a snapshot from the documentation. Thanks PS: Please note that I am not associated with this project in any way.
  11. Hi, Can you consider adding support for 2FA functionality to log into Enpass. Today they are protocols (I mentioned 2 in the subject line) that can be used. This would allow first login into enpass without having to provide the 1st password. Regards,
  12. Hi Pete, I think it appeared in version 6.
  13. Hello, I can confirm that version 6 supports multiline fields. These may be set to sensitive. I use these type of fields for 2FA backup codes.
  14. I confirm that: 1. You can follow the history of generated passwords as described in the link you provided 2. If you have a data card open in the client (not the web extension popup) and you right click on a password property you can see the password history of that field. Thank you @Anshu kumar.
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