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  1. On 6/10/2019 at 2:49 PM, Damasta said:

    No, has nothing to do with the store. Store is fine, as far as I'm concerned. In fact, the store is my preferred app source - on any platform for a zillion reasons beyond the scope of this thread. AFAIK Enpass chose Qt as their app framework, whereas the previous version was a universal Windows app. Both were/are sold through the store. The version 5.x UWA supported Hello just fine, the newer release 6.x has been a nuisance since day 1.

    UWP sadly has quite some problems with communications outside the own app and I personally would think that more users use the integrations with browsers than Windows Hello so I can understand their decision. Microsoft never bothered to extend UWP to allow for easier communication with other apps AFAIK. But yes...the old UWP app was really good IMO and I really miss full time Hello support. Too bad indeed they scrapped it for legacy Win32.

  2. Hi Enpass team

    As you may know, the newest stable Windows 10 update (1809) brought in a new clipboard that can save multiple items into a history and even sync that history via cloud to other devices. Of course that's not really what I want to happen with my passwords. Recently KeePass released their version 2.41 that includes an option to prevent the application from saving passwords into that history. Could you maybe look into such an option too?

  3. First start looks nice, although the dark theme doesn't seem to be working for me. I had to "buy" the test license for Windows Hello...will this mean I have to buy Pro for that if I already bought your previous UWP app (which seems to be replaced now with this briged one)?


    Also for the future I would wish for better tablet mode support. Right now it doesn't change at all if tablet mode is enabled or not. Context menus for example could be a bit smaller in desktop mode and big in tablet mode. Same for all icons/buttons on password items, etc.

  4. Hello,


    KeePass has a (IMO) neat feature that you can right click an entry and then let it autofill. Enpass does that better with a real browser plugin, while KeePass can use autofill in desktop apps as well. I would find it really nice, if you could add this to Enpass as well. Right click on an entry inside Enpass and then it switchers to the last place you had your cursor in (I think that's how it works on KeePass) and then it fill the username and password in automatically :) 


  5. Hi,


    If you open the app once and then leave it in the background and it locks itself after a couple of minutes, you have to again sign-in into the app. Now, if maximize the app an close it right after, it still enables Windows Hello (the red point on the camera starts blinking and searching for you) but it doesn't stopp anymore unless you restart the PC or restart the Windows Hello and Camera service.
    Windows Hello still seems to work, if you open the app again, you can still sign-in with Windows Hello, but it still stays on.

    This only happens to me, if you first minimize and than maximize the app. If you don't minimize it and just switch to another app, upon re-switching to Enpass it doesn't immediately ask for Windows Hello authentication, this I can close it with nothing happening.


    Still a bit annoying, since I sometimes forget to not minimize the app and than I have Hello stuck until I restart some stuff or else it'll drain my batter (or just annoy me with it's blinking)

  6. On 20.4.2017 at 10:21 PM, Joe Biker said:

    I wouldn't be opposed to spending $10 AFTER I was able to make sure it works with Fingerprint on a Win10 PC.  But I am unlikely to gamble $10, considering the Desktop version apparently doesn't work (with or without fingerprint).

    The App fully supports Windows Hello. And Windows Hello supports all kinds of biometrics. Test it, if your Fingerprint reader works for Windows 10 Login through Windows Hello, it'll work on Enpass too. Works for me with the Logitech Brio (3D camera with face recognition). Even the TPM 2.0 chip works for full Hello integration like it is on the Surface Devices.

  7. On 7.4.2017 at 4:56 PM, Iliyan said:

    Thanks, that's all I wanted -- a reassurance that this limitation will be removed!

    I'm switching from KeePass for the only reason that Enpass has better user interface and support. My KeePass database (stored as a single file) currently is around 11MB, most of which are of course attachments (many over 200KB). And I've never had issues syncing this file via Dropbox to my phone.

    But I agree - the approach of keeping everything obviously doesn't scale well. As My1 suggests, it may be a good idea to split the attachment database into smaller chunks. Though cloud syncing tools nowadays are smart and only upload the differences if possible (not the entire file). If the Enpass database doesn't change much when a new file is added/deleted, then it should be fine.

    @Iliyan For the time being, until this restriction goes away, you can use a workaround if you need it. Split the file you want to save with a packer like WinRAR into 200kb archives and save them that way. I tired and it seems like you can save as many 200kb files under one key as you want. :)

  8. Would be cool if the database file itself could only be opened with the Master Key AND some sort of 2nd authentication. But that isn't how 2FA works right? ^^ Would mean that the data would have to be double encrypted...one time with the 2FA and the other with the Master Key and you would need both to get to your data.

  9. I don't think that Windows Apps support to be minimized to the systray. When you close an app...it closes dully, even if it has a background tast, when it does nothing for a period of time it gets frozen in the background to save battery. Maybe in the future MS will support apps to be minimized to the tray.


    Autorun is definitely not supported by Windows apps. 

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