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  1. RESOLUTION! I went into Android Settings > Apps and deleted all data from Enpass. Then it started as if new and gave me the option to restore my settings via cloud storage. All is well now.
  2. Thanks Anshu, but nothing so far. I confirmed the password is correctly entered multiple times. The master password not working article gave a clue about the wallet file being in a remote location (for me Google Drive) I tried copying and pasting the entire folder into the root directory of my s7. Nothing. I'm not sure where the default location for the wallet file is. I read it was "Documents" but I don't seem to have that on my s7.
  3. Greetings, I had to clear out a bug on my Samsung Galaxy s7 by performing a factory reset. Enpass reinstalled without issue, but now when I try to log in using the Master Password it is rejected. I have confirmed I am using the proper password; it does unlock my Win10 desktop version of Enpass. I've gone so far as to uninstall/re-install Enpass on my s7 to no avail. Thoughts?
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