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  1. Hey, Quick Update, It's finally Working if you delete everything about Enpass in the hidden Folder AppData... Then uninstall and install the last version. Hope it's gonna help someone
  2. Hey, Thanks for the update and the link, but I still have my problem, everytime I open Enpass on my main computer only I have a blank page and the programm is not responding.... I can't even see log or an error message... Any idea ? (i've tried to uninstall and delete all file related to enpass... ) Maybe I forget something to delete ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, I didn't add a custom icon but I did add a custom field in one password... Do you think it could be that ? Hope that the fix will come soon
  4. Hi there, I've been using Enpass6 Beta traditionnal installation on Windows since a few days now... Everyting was working fine but now I can't start Enpass 6 Anymore. I've no idea what to do, I've tried to uninstall and reinstall, delete all file related to Enpass 6 + the folder enpass-beta ... nothing works. What should I do ? Thanks
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