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  1. 15 hours ago, Monyker said:

    I would try this:

    1. Close/quit Enpass. Don't just close the application window. Make sure Enpass is no longer running. You shouldn't see the Enpass application/lock icon in the notification area.
    2. You should have a folder, C:\Users\<UserName>\.Enpass. Backup this folder (e.g. zip archive or copy to other location) and delete the original. This folder may be hidden by default. If so, you can set Windows Explorer Folder Options to show hidden folders and files.
    3. Launch Enpass. It should display a "first run" wizard to configure Enpass. Configure it for Dropbox sync, and it should sync down from Dropbox. If Enpass still didn't launch as expected, try uninstalling Enpass again and delete the .Enpass directory from your profile directory (you should already have a backup from step 2), then reinstall Enpass and try again.

    I can't find the .Enpass folder anywhere inside Users folder. Is there anyway to find out location of this? I didn't change anything when I installed enpass for the first time.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling enpass. First time when I try to launch enpass it crashes. I have sent a dozen crash reports by now. 2nd time on starting enpass the application opens asking for password again.

    I have also revoked the permission of enpass through dropbox settings. Inspite of that every 2nd time enpass opens it asks for master password.

  2. Enpass application on windows is not working from today onwards. It works fine on my android app with the master password as well.

    First I uninstall enpass. Then I download the traditional win32 app and install the app. First time it crashes. Next it asks for master password which I provide yet it fails. The same master password works in android.

    I am on windows10. The windows10 app in the windows store does not have installed button enabled so could not try this route. Windows10 app not enabled for me.

    Is there a fail safe way of installing this app from scratch again. I use this app with firefox primarily.

    Also is there a way disconnect dropbox with this app ?

  3. Ok the problem seems to be fixed now after I updated the enpass app in desktop manually. Somehow before on the clicking the enpass extension on chrome was redirecting me to the windows 10 store app. I had the desktop version of enpass installed. After I updated the desktop version of the enpass application this problem now seems fixed. 

    In my opinion desktop version of the app and windows 10 store should not be different platforms. 

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