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  1. I uninstalled the Enpass App and installed the Beta for Traditional Windows and it worked a treat - EXCELLENT It now syncs perfectly with OneDrive BUT the OneDrive icon in the task bar remains hidden all the time. OneDrive works ok but despite everything I have tried including uninstallation and reinstallation it remains hidden. Is this something that Enpass has caused or just a coincidence? Edit:- I have done some testing and it appears to be nothing to do with Enpass.
  2. I was going to enable my Windows Enpass to update with Beta versions and read this on your site: The Enpass app itself will notify you about the Beta update as soon as it's available. To receive the notifications, you need to enable the 'Beta Updates' from Enpass Advanced Settings. I cannot find such a setting in either the Windows or Mac installations. I have looked under both Settings and Advanced Settings.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. I tried the beta version on my Windows PC, which was the one with the sync problem and could not get it to sync at all. I tried making Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge all individual default browsers and all I got was the redirect message and no synchronisation. Maybe I should stick with v.6.0.6 until the beta stages of 6.1 are completed. I didn't try v.6.1 on my Mac.
  4. Hi Just got an update for my Mac to 607 (336) but nothing for my PC which is still on 606 (322) and still suffering the same problem of having to manually sync each time it is launched. Is there an update due for Windows?
  5. It only cured it for one day!!! The problem has returned
  6. I have a PC with a fully up to date version of Windows 10 and an up to date version of Enpass and OneDrive. I also have Enpass installed on an iMac, two iPhones and an iPad. Up until recently all were working perfectly and then I noticed that the Windows version was failing to sync when launched and gave the message, ' Sync Error. Conflict in syncing data with OneDrive’. To cure this I have to select ‘Resolve Now’ then ‘Merge’ and it then syncs ok but next time I launch it it does exactly the same again! I have tried disconnecting from OneDrive and starting again but it will not sync unless I Resolve Now and Merge manually. On the PC, Firefox is the default browser BUT I have changed it to Internet Explorer and it makes no difference.
  7. Just recently I have started having a problem with Enpass on my iMac with Firefox set as the default browser. My iMac has the latest version of Mojave, the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of Enpass. Enpass is also installed on a PC runnng Windows 10 with Firefox as the default browser and also on two iPhones and an iPad. All are synchronised with the latest version of OneDrive. I do not Enable Browser Extensions on Enpass it is used as a standalone manager. If I make any changes to the iMac installation of Enpass it fails to sync. If I then select 'Resolve Now' and 'Merge' the synchronisation takes place and is reflected correctly on all of the other devices. If I make Safari the default browser I don't have a problem. Are you aware of a specific problem with Firefox on Macs?
  8. Version 6 of Enpass was only released in December 2018 and if you want the PRO version you will have to purchase it again.
  9. Is this, a forum provided for you at no cost by Enpass, really the place to discuss alternative password managers from their competitors?
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