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  1. pineman

    Enpass doesn't like Firefox on iMac

    Just recently I have started having a problem with Enpass on my iMac with Firefox set as the default browser. My iMac has the latest version of Mojave, the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of Enpass. Enpass is also installed on a PC runnng Windows 10 with Firefox as the default browser and also on two iPhones and an iPad. All are synchronised with the latest version of OneDrive. I do not Enable Browser Extensions on Enpass it is used as a standalone manager. If I make any changes to the iMac installation of Enpass it fails to sync. If I then select 'Resolve Now' and 'Merge' the synchronisation takes place and is reflected correctly on all of the other devices. If I make Safari the default browser I don't have a problem. Are you aware of a specific problem with Firefox on Macs?
  2. pineman

    Can not activate Pro Version on iMac

    Version 6 of Enpass was only released in December 2018 and if you want the PRO version you will have to purchase it again.
  3. If you don't want to pay, install the previous version - simples!
  4. pineman

    Other password managers

    Is this, a forum provided for you at no cost by Enpass, really the place to discuss alternative password managers from their competitors?
  5. pineman

    How to Delete Custom Icon

    I agree that it would help to clean up things by deleting unwanted customised icons but it's no big deal as they don't affect the running of Enpass and can't be seen unless you are looking for them. I have over 250 where several have been tried out for the same entry. They aren't an issue and I know that if I try a new customised icon it will be entered at the bottom of the list so it's easy to find. Presumably if you wanted to clear out all the unused customised icons you'd have to check each one to see if it was in use first?
  6. pineman

    Sync to Onedrive

    I had a similar problem and was advised to try changing my default browser. I changed the default from Firefox to Safari and Enpass synched with OneDrive perfectly. I then returned Firefox to be my default browser again and Enpass continued to sync with OneDrive.
  7. pineman

    Upgrade to Pro on Mac, Windows & IOS

  8. I have an iMac, PC, iPad and two iPhones all with Enpass on (and working!). Do I need to purchase the upgrade for all devices?
  9. Hi Genuine congratulations this time! I was using Firefox and changed it to Safari. Now Enpass syncs with OneDrive. Happy New Year!!
  10. Version 6.02 doesn't make any difference either. It still will not sync with either OneDrive or DropBox.
  11. Congratulations! I just downloaded V6.0.1 and it hasn't made the slightest difference. Enpass will not sync to OneDrive or DropBox.
  12. Easy. Uninstall Enpass and install SafeInCloud - it syncs perfectly with every cloud. Job done.
  13. I now have reinstalled and have the latest version of Enpass on my Mac. I have reinstalled and now have the latest version of OneDrive on my Mac. My Mac is running the latest version of Mojave. If I try to sync Enpass v6 with OneDrive I get the message ‘Sorry we couldn’t open the sync client. We couldn’t process the URL’. I can sync Enpass v6 on my PC with One Drive. I can sync Enpass v6 on my iPhone with OneDrive. I can sync Enpass v6 on my iPad with OneDrive. I have downloaded and installed SafeInCloud AND ALL MY DEVICES SYNC WITH ONEDRIVE using that App! I have reinstalled Enpass v5.6.11 and AND ALL MY DEVICES SYNC WITH ONEDRIVE using that App! Why won't Enpass v6 sync with OneDrive on my Mac?
  14. I am using Version 6 on all of my platforms, Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone. All are synchronising using walletx. I need to synchronise them with OneDrive etc to enable another device. I tried deleting the walletx file and carried out a sync to iCloud and it still worked but I couldn't see any file. Where should I find the sync file for the Mac? - I may have been looking at an old one. I can sync the PC version with OneDrive etc and that generates a vault.enpassdbsync file. I have just uninstalled Enpass from my Mac and reinstalled it from fresh. It still will not sync with OneDrive etc.