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  1. I automatically got the update and after entering the master password the application crashed. Then after again opening the application, it asked me to send a crashreport which I did and the vault was empty. This same thing happened on a windows 10 PC and on my Android phone. Then I tried the various methods as described in this forum to get the v5 data imported from a backup but all failed with a crash. On the upgrade PC I went back to v5. On the Android phone I am stuck as I cannot downgrade to v5.
  2. Similiar issue here, the auto updated windows store version crashed during upgrade and could not import the v5 data. Same happened on my Android phone, auto updated and after that unable to access my password. Very bad! I am now desparately looking for a v5 installer.
  3. I got the same problem, one of my laptops got automatically upgraded as well as my Android phone. Both were unable to import the v5 data. None of the methods I used worked, in al case the import crashed. This is very annoying as I now only have one desktop PC with a working version 5. I did send message to support but no response sofar. Lex
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