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  1. 4 hours ago, zyghom said:

    as much as I hate the entire 6.0 upgrade but your request to "skip" master password (for ANY REASON) is RIDICULOUS - if anybody gives solution to "forgotten" master password then... 

    you know

    Nobody here is asking for a backdoor to the master password though. We are saying we have authorized fingerprints on file that have been disabled by an update. We need another update to allow us to use these authorized prints.

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  2. @Nikhil Kumar agreed that I should have remembered my master password but blaming your customers is not a solution. You have consumers that rely on your product that you pulled the rug out from under. Are you going on record saying that the development team does not have it within their abilities to provide an update to allow fingerprint usage on the main login screen again thereby rectifying this problem?

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  3. Same problem here. This answer is unacceptable, it is absolutely within the power of the development team to allow fingerprint usage after an update and not to force master password usage. I, for one, am a paying customer and not being informed of this transition beforehand when I could have taken steps to backup my data is negligent of Enpass and isn't the way you should treat your customers. The app needs to be updated to allow fingerprint usage from the top level instead of only the master password. 

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  4. Like some others here I was using fingerprint authentication to access the app and because it has been so long since I needed my master password I cannot remember it. Even if I could I am seeing other posts here where people are saying their correctly typed password isn't working, so maybe I am typing it correctly as I would have no way of knowing. Because of this, this automatic "upgrade" is anything but for me as I've lost access to all of my passwords. 

    I emailed support asking for an old APK to see if I could use my fingerprint by default in an older version but they responded with a generic "if you don't have your master password, you're out of luck" response. I have important notes and information in this app, so resetting is not an option for me. 

    If an old APK wouldn't work then enpass needs to address this with an update to allow fingerprints to be used by default, because this is a major issue. I paid for enpass, and I have told many people about it. I've always supported the app so please don't leave me and other users stranded. 

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