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  1. On 12/29/2018 at 9:29 PM, Maik said:


    I have been using enpass for a long time and paid for the full ios/android clients. Since  upgrade to 6 I miss a portable 

    version which I can use on me business notebook on which I do not have the rights to install software.

    I have all my passwords in enpass so a portable version ist mandatory for me, otherwise I can not access 

    my passwords on my company notebook.

     Will there be a portable version soon ?

    If no portable version will be available, I have to say goodbye to enpass.

    Thank you

    When working with different systems, with or without administrative rights, then the portable version of Enpass is a must. The portable version of Enpass is the only way to work on systems without administrative rights, at least on Windows. Please provide an update fast. Thank you!

    PS: It creates a great confusion that there is no reference about the portable version on the download website. As if the portable version is no longer supported. 

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