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  1. Now that we're more than halfway through 2020 has this been addressed? I still don't see any option within Enpass to account for a login to be through another service like Google / Facebook / etc?
  2. I sent a message to support with this question as I could not find an answer here in the forums, but thought this might be helpful to others once I find a solution... I have significant data that was imported into Enpass, credit cards for example - when I create a new Credit Card item all of the default fields are different from my old credit card items and the "Number" field which has field type "Card Number" will automatically hide the first 12 characters as asterisk in the search results and only show the last 4 digits, however if I modify an old imported Credit Card and change the Number field to be of type "Card Number" the full 16 digit card number still shows in the search results. Without creating a brand new Credit Card item and copying over the info from the old imported item (and hence losing all history from the old item), how can the old items mimic the behavior of the new fields that hide the full card number and only show the last 4 by default?
  3. I am running into the same problem with passwords not syncing between desktop and mobile... however I believe it happened when I upgraded to the new version on my iPhone and changed a password before updating the desktop app to v6. Now that I have updated the desktop app to v6 however, syncing is still not working. I did use a different master password on the desktop than the mobile, not sure if that matters (it didn't matter prior to v6). How do we get help on this stuff??
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