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  1. I've installed Enpass for Linux, installed the Chrome extension (for the Chromium-based Brave browser), and set Ctrl-/ to point to /opt/enpass/Enpass showassistant When I go to any login page, when I press Ctrl-/, it brings up the "generic" Enpass widget, the one that appears without having already done a search for the website I'm on--as if I hadn't given Brave permission to access Enpass. (By the way, when I hover over the Enpass extension button in the browser toolbar, the toolbar says "Enpass Password Manager Has access to this site". So lack of access isn't the problem.) When I double-click on the entry for the website, it doesn't autofill the current page, it opens the stored URL for the website and attempts to perform an autofill there (which doesn't always work, i.e., not if the login form is in a JavaScript modal that needs activating). However, if I press the extension button in the browser toolbar, then it works as expected. I installed Enpass on my Windows partition and it worked fine (in Brave) there, i.e., when I press Ctrl-/ it does the expected search, and double-clicking on the website entry autofills the form on the page I'm on. How can get Ctrl-/ to work on Linux/Ubuntu/Brave? While I'm here, maybe you can answer a second question for me... Whenever I press Ctrl-/, it just brings up the widget. To actually activate autofill, I have to double-click on the name of the Enpass entry for the site. I can't tab to it, I can't press "enter" to select the top result, I don't know of any further keyboard shortcuts to avoid making the hated trip to the mouse. Is there any way to avoid double-clicking with the mouse?
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