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  1. ...2 month are passed and no solution...incredible !!!!!!!! Hispanico
  2. Yes i have last version for windows and i use the antivirus of Microsoft included in windoes 10 Hispanico
  3. So no news for support, i think that a solution can and must found for us ! ...or we must change app Thank Hispanco
  4. No news for this problem ?????? Thank Hispa
  5. Ues i am also try to change from dropbox to google but without solve problem. I await your fix... Thank Hispa
  6. Ok i verify you suggestions and if disable internet connection load immediatly .... So just have now a solution ? Hispa
  7. Sry but when you find a solution to this long time to open Enpass on wineod 10 ? Thank Hispanico
  8. Yes i use windows version (website) and yes "C:\Program Files (x86)\Enpass\" exists and contains Enpass.exe is present Hispa
  9. I have windows 10 pro 2004 and also launching Enpass with administrator, the app is very very slow to load. My system is ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO, Intel i7-9700 and 16GB Thank Hispa
  10. I update to 5.6.9 but no syncro with my dropbox and google drive. I dont change anything in my computer and telephone. For example on my pc i insert new data, click syncro (icon syncro runs) but on thelehone android galaxy s8 no new data. I try also to disconnect the accounts but not solve... some suggestions ? Thank Hispa I have on 2 pc and syncro bewtween these 2 computer is ok but not with enpass on my android
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