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  1. Not only is v6 maximum bad. My android version was auto updated and started saving passwords in another database that I cant access from v5. It is even in a different folder on my Onedrive. (v6 \Apps\Enpass\ vs v5 \Enpass\). In v5 I received no notice whatsoever that the database had been copied to another location by my android app so I happily continued using it. I discovered when I was searching everywhere for a password at added while at work (in my phone). I could not find it in my enpass at home until I installed v6 from the store. I emailed the devs cause I figured this was a bug and since almost two weeks ago they still have not replied. I had also started a huge cleanup by renaming logins so now I am stuck with two databases. Each containing mostly the same passwords and logins but some of them with different names which means I cant easily search and verify I have them in the new database. The old database which is the one I had cleaned up I can no longer access from my android phone so no more taking my passwords with me. The new database is missing a lot of logins I had manually added in enpass v5 and all the renamed logins are still with the old names. Cant believe they decided to push v6 down my throat when it screwed over my database like this. Especially since there was never any notice in v5 that now my logins go in different databases. Needless to say. Now I am also looking for a new solution. Sucks cause I was really happy with v5 :-(
  2. Please. I came here because I am also looking for alternatives due to v6. Mind to share what new app you went for ? I'm considering Keepass but I dont know if they have the android app.
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