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  1. Hi, Some items in my database are not displayed in the iPhone app. The problem is similar to the one in the previous closed thread: https://discussion.enpass.io/index.php?/topic/1819-ios-app-does-not-display-content/ Everything in the "Login" category will show up, but all the other categories are empty, even though the Group window indicates the correct number of items in each category. Maybe this is not a syncing problem. If I create a new item in the iPhone app, it will save and sync to my Windows desktop where it will show up correctly. But in the iPhone app where it was created, it will be invisible. Someone else recognise this problem? Windows 10, iPhone 8, sync with Dropbox, Enpass iOS app 6.0.4 (222), Enpass free W10 6.0.4 (268).
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