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  1. yup windows 10 mobile device 950 stunning device I also bought enpass and am faced with the same announced demise and phased withdrawal of windows 10 mobile. A lack of support & advance notification or even so much as a thanks for times but we won't even think about playing. I understand that since version 6 the entire app has been rewritten. Along with that this is not only a password pocket is is by its nature a facet of security. Okay I know when its time to change you have accept and roll with the changes. Visa vee Android ethos. but for reels it is quite irksome. Stumming up a wedge of cash or signing a new device contract only because the password manager / cyber wallet has totally dropped the support for each & everyone of their customers with windows phones. And not even so much as a portable or lite version to tide you over. really does makes one think how reliant must we be. Poor show sinew really "poor show". . . . . .
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