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  1. I got the screen recording, which I will email to you. The video shows 3 ways in which Enpass does not pop up:

    1) Using the left-click, password manager method

    2) Using the right-click, contextual menu method

    3) Using the tray icon (thus completely bypassing the browser as far as I know)

    I'm using Firefox x64 113.0.2 on Windows 11.

    Enpass extension is 6.8.3

    Enpass is 6.8.6 (1360)

    I had to kill enpass completely because even launching it from the Start menu would not bring up the window (something which has always worked in the past).

  2. Hello Abhishek,

    When this problem occurs, I cannot even launch enpass from the tray icons, so I do not believe step 3 (cache and cookies) is related. To view enpass again when this happens, I need to launch it from the Start menu.

    I am running 6.8.6 of enpass, the latest Firefox (but, again, I can't even launch it from the tray icons...)

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I forgot to check back.


  3. Hello @Pratyush Sharma,

    I am running the version from the Microsoft Store, at the latest version.

    The only way to start the application is to run it as an administrator, then when I try to setup the Google Drive sync, it launches Firefox, and when I click "Accept" it does not re-start Enpass properly (because I presume Firefox does not know it needs to start it as an Administrator).

    Do you think running the version from the website instead of the Microsoft Store would help?

  4. Hi @Pratyush Sharma,

    I just upgraded to Windows 10 2004 over the weekend, and I have the same issue. Running as an administrator, it "almost works" but I cannot setup vault sync through Google Drive (Firefox gets confused).  So now I'm stuck running on an old backup of my vault I had done, and manually syncing on that file.

    Is there anything I can do to help pinpoint and fix this issue?

    (Because yes, I made the mistake of uninstalling to try and fix the issue, which disconnected from my vault...)

    Thank you

  5. 35 minutes ago, MLevi said:

    You probably will have to reinstall the Linux. In my case, I just updated manually on both systems (Lubuntu & Windows 10) new passwords until the issue of sync with gdrive on my Lubuntu LT is resolved.

    btw. have you tried to restore your enpass data from the backup file on the Laptop? - because that's the way I was able to restore mine

    Oh, so sync doesn't work for you either and you need to manually sync?

    Then I won't bother re-installing. My enpass on Linux works. It just won't sync.

  6. On 5/15/2019 at 7:47 PM, MLevi said:

    Your problem may be due to the Upgrade. Try a fresh install of 19.04. It worked for me.

    My problem right now is that my Enpass on Linux has diverged from the one on Windows and Android; I have new passwords on Linux which need to be brought over to the other copies. I can't just delete my enpass folder...  :(

  7. Hello @Anshu kumar

    Here is the requested information:

    1) Kubuntu 18.10, Enpass
    2) I had Enpass 5 before, went through the upgrade, and now only have 6 installed.
    3) Well I guess by definition Kubuntu is multi-user, but in practice I'm the only one using this computer.
    4) I tried both Google Drive and OneDrive -- same result.
    5) I use Firefox (66.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.18.10.1)


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