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  1. When trying to use enpass in safari, it tries to connect to the app. In many cases that fails (often after waking up macOS). Sometimes it tries to reconnect and opens 30 enpass instances (see screenshot). And I want to add, that before macOS was put to sleep, I have successfully used it in Safari. So setup itself is ok. Once I restart Safari, enpass will work for some time.

    Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 13.52.27.png

    Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 13.47.00.png

  2. Copying a password or username or any other field is one of the most frequent actions, I am doing in enpass.

    Currently: Right now you have to press this little icon on the right side of the field panel in order to copy or do a right click on it selecting copy or press the copy user/password shortcut with 3 keys.

    Suggestion: It would be great to just left click on the whole field area to copy the information and also increase the size of the copy icon, if needed anymore anyway.


    The show mode could be enhanced as well. Right now you have to click the small icon at the end. One problem is, that is is so small, another problem is, that I might want to show this information just for a blink second (e.g. for validation). 

    Suggestion: Allow the secret information (all of it) to be shown, while holding a special key, when you are not in edit mode though. Other apps use the alt-key for this feature.


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