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  1. Hello, Has this any consequences to the security? Do you have to build in any backdoors?
  2. Hello, I installed Enpass on Ubuntu 18.04 LTE xfce4. In Setup-process it´s not possible to input password because the keyboard layout is not german (Enter != Enter, and special-characters interchanged). But system-wide german keyboard-layout is enabled. In all other apps keyboard-layout works (Enter = Enter, and special-characters works).
  3. Jones1024

    Spectre and Meltdown

    Can you say anything about these security issues and my enpass wallet? KR
  4. Jones1024

    Copying both password and username

    A very good idea...
  5. Jones1024

    Store Attachments in the Vault

    Can you split a large (attachment)Database in many file-parts? Then you have to sync only a small part. Additional you have to register every File and its md5 checksum in a central register-file. When a file is changed, you can dowload the DB-filepart and exchange/remove this file....
  6. Jones1024

    Store Attachments in the Vault

    Hi, can you implement a checkbox in all clients: CHECK - sync attachment, UNCHECK - no sync attachments especially on mobile clients this will be helpfull to save data-traffic (on mobile clients i don´t need any attachments)