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  1. Hi @Bas42, Unfortunately, we can't verify the purchase based on card numbers and we are not a payment processor who has all the details regarding the transaction. I advise you to not share your credit card information with anyone and reach out to your card provider immediately. To prevent the further fraudulent usage, they may also need to block your card. I think they will not even charge you the disputed amount on your card but again that is my guess and you should clear this thing with the card provider. Thanks for understanding!
  2. Hi @Gabriele, Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to inform you that if you had paid for the Enpass app once, you wouldn't have to pay again to save more items. To find out the cause please share the following details with us at support@enpass.io mentioning link to this post. Are you using Enpass on the same device? Are you logged in to the Store using the same account from which you purchased the Enpass app? Share the screenshot of your Purchase Receipt. Stay assured your purchase is safe.
  3. Hi @Fab8, Thanks for writing in. I have noted down this issue and notified the team to look into it.
  4. Hi @Peter Holtzl, Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you try adding %20 (for every special character) i.e if URL is "www.helloÉworld.com" use "www.hello%20Éworld.com". If the issue persists, let us know.
  5. Hi @Thoughts?, Thanks for writing back. Yes, both the changes will be kept as soon as the offline device gets access to internet and Enpass app is opened. For more clarity, I would suggest you to create a temporary item and do the test. Let me know, if you have any query.
  6. Hi @Anthony, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. There was some technical glitch which has been fixed now. Could you please check if the problem still persists?
  7. Hi @StylishGuy, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. There was some technical glitch which has been fixed now. Could you please check if the problem still persists?
  8. Hi @shrippen, That's strange! Please make sure you are using the same URL in the mobile device you used on the Desktop. If you face the same issue, a demo account of your Nextcloud server on support@enpass.io, so we can set up the sync at our end and check. Thanks for your co-operation.
  9. Hi @lucesan, Thanks for your feedback. I have discussed with the team and got to know that they are still working on this issue and will be available in future releases.
  10. Hi @RazAquato, Thanks for sharing the video. We are able to reproduce this issue at our end with the help of shared video. Also, it seems the problem is happening if the language is other than English. Our team is now working on it towards a fix.
  11. Hi @Bas42, As far as I understood, you neither used nor purchased Enpass app and you have been charged for $59.99 under the narration mentioning Enpass. First things first, please note that we never ask credit card details from users and execute purchase manually. It is the user who initiates the purchase from App Store or our website. It could be a case of card misuse or fraud showing Enpass in narration. The best thing would be to reach out to your card provider immediately and file a dispute with your credit card provider asking to investigate the transaction. If someone has
  12. Hi @Stutenharry, Thanks for using Enpass and writing to us. Auto-fill through Enpass Browser extension works by manually selecting and double-clicked on the item with which you want to auto-fill as this gives better control if you have multiple items there (and you can peep into there details). However, You can enable "Auto-fill details without showing Enpass Assistant" in Enpass browser settings. Enable this setting to allow Enpass to auto-fill the details using the keyboard shortcut without showing Enpass Assistant. To know how to setup/configure Keyboard shortcut please refer
  13. Hi @MoonRaven, We only ask users to mail us one on one so we can check whether or not there is an eligible criteria that can be met for a discount. This is to avoid giving a response that can be confused with a standard discount policy. Thanks for understanding.
  14. Hi @Marinus, Sorry to say, but our team had a detailed discussion about this feature and came to a conclusion that currently we don't have plans to implement this feature. Thanks for your understanding!
  15. Hi All, I understand your concern and apologies for the trouble you face after the latest update in using Windows Hello. Our team is working on this issue, and We'll keep you update once we hear from them. Till then, we will request you to please co-operate with us.
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